Clock Paradox

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16.10.2012 - 14:35
Clock Paradox is a progressive death metal group from Oulu, Finland.
The group, consisting of experienced metal musicians, will release its debut full-length titled "Egotheism" in co-operation with Inverse Records.

"Egotheism" is a concept album which describes a psychopath's views on himself, other people and life in general in a diary-esque fashion.
The soundtrack for this trip into the deepest reaches of the human mind is based on the progressive wing of traditional death metal where
a brooding atmosphere is merged with solid compositions. The album was crafted entirely by the band itself from production to artwork,
which is a respectable feat. Workmanship of this level is rare, so this is a release you do not want to miss.

Tracklisting for "Egotheism":

1. Virtual Compassion (4:45)
2. In the Flesh (4:52)
3. Machine Mind (4:31)
4. Cleansing Self (3:30)
5. The God Complex (4:13)
6. Void (5:09)
7. Origo (6:02)
8. Paradigm (7:19)

Release date: 23.11.2012 (FIN + digital) / 14.12.2012 (WORLDWIDE)

Lyric video for "Virtual Compassion":

Music video for "In the Flesh":

From left to right: Jani Kuorikoski (drums) - Jyrki Hiltunen (guitars) - Jouni Koskela (vocals) - Timo Tyynismaa (bass) - Antti Karhu (guitars)
"He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past"
- George Orwell