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  07.12.2012 at 02:48
Well, I was thinking what song would best suit an apocalypse. I myself would choose The Beginning and the End by Isis. What would you play to greet the end of the world?
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  07.12.2012 at 03:01
Shadow King

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  07.12.2012 at 05:02
The Duo of Latericius Valete and Omni from Pain of Salvation's BE sounds perfect for the apocalypse. The second half with the organ and Daniel singing is downright depressing and bone-chilling.

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  07.12.2012 at 05:43
The most obvious one is "The End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine)" by REM.
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Edmund Fogg

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  07.12.2012 at 05:46
Written by Hallford9000 on 07.12.2012 at 02:48

What would you play to greet the end of the world?

Ever heard of something called Doom Metal
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  07.12.2012 at 18:26

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  07.12.2012 at 19:16
Well I was just thinking about this topic, this song comes to mind when think of... Apocalypse.

EDIT: Also this from the same group.

Bad English

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  08.12.2012 at 21:44
Well if you know what si Ragnarok its same there many songs in so called viking metal about apocolipse
Bifröst has such song, Forlorn, Hel, Paganizer, Kampfar,
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  16.12.2012 at 22:06
I was thinking about this the other day. I´d listen to any song from the "Keeper´s"-records. I think I´d probably pick "I Want Out", because this is my favourite song ever.
Mr. Doctor

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  16.12.2012 at 22:38
I would probably go with my favorite song by Mono, Moonlight. I can see so clearly the world going down by listening to the whole build-up and crescendo on this song.

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  17.12.2012 at 05:03
I think I would play.... Salaminizer, by Gwar.. Just to fuck with your brain.
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  17.12.2012 at 16:18
Anaal Nathrakh has already been mentioned here, but the song was wrong. This one seems more suitable:

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