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Posted by feather_light on 03.02.2013 at 23:37
I'll keep a list up here so that anyone interested can find the stuff of 2013 right away!


Helloween - Straight Out of Hell (Power)

Lancer - Lancer (Power)

Skadika - Frozen Legends (Symphonic Power/female-fronted)

Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning (Heavy/Thrash/Power)

A Sound of Thunder - Queen of Hell [EP] (Heavy/Power)

Derdian - Limbo (Symphonic Power)

Stratovarius - Nemesis (Power)

Majesty - Thunder Rider (Heavy/Power)

Attacker - Giants of Canaan (US Heavy/Power)

Hammerforce - Access Denied (Power)

Circle II Circle - Seasons Will Fall (Power/Progressive)

Tierra Santa - Mi Nombre Será Leyenda (Power)

Achillea - Fight or Fall

Dignity - Balance of Power (Power) [sorry for the short teaser, no full song uploaded yet(?)]

The Prowlers - Point of No Return (Power/Progressive)

Heimdall - Aeneid (Power)

Ecliption - Ecliption (Heavy/Power)

Lord - Digital Lies (Power)

Jorn - Symphonic (Symphonic Power / re-release of songs in symphonic style)

Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way Home (Hard Rock / Power)

Pretty Maids - Motherland (Hard rock / Power)

Serenity - War of Ages (Symphonic Power)

Highlord - The Warning After (Melodic Power)

Avantasia - Mystery Of Time (Power Metal Opera)

Amaranthe - The Nexus (Modern Melodic Death / Power with Electro / Pop elements)

Epicrenel - The Crystal Throne (Melodic Power)

Visions of Atlantis - Ethera (female fronted Symphonic / Power)

DGM - Momentum (Progressive / Power)

Crystallion - Killer (Hard Rock / Power)

Alpha Tiger - Beneath The Surface (Heavy / Power)

WindRunners - Undead (Heavy / Power)

Valor - The Yonder Answer (Heavy / Power)

Dream Master - The Fourth Key (Heavy / Power)

Code of Silence - Dark Skies Over Babylon (Power)

Red Rose - On The Cusp Of Change (Melodic Power)

Heavatar - Opus I: All My Kingdoms (Heavy / Power)

Gamma Ray - Master of Confusion [Ep]

Nautiluz - Leaving All Behind (Spanish Power)

Memory Garden - Doomain (Epic Power / Doom)

Warlord - The Holy Empire (Epic Heavy / Power)

King Leoric - Lingua Regis (Heavy / Power)

Silent Knight - Masterplan (Speed / Power)

Achilla - Timeless (Prog / Rock) [not to be confused with Achillea!]

Dragonsfire - Speed Demon [Ep] (Melodic Speed / Power)

Sandalinas - Power to the People [Ep] (Heavy / Power)

Ossian - A Tuz Jegyeben (Turkish Power / Hard Rock)

Starbreeze - N7 (Progressive / Power)

Nergard - Memorial For A Wish (Power)

The Storyteller - Dark Legacy (Melodic Power)

Gloryhammer - Tales from the Kingdom of Fife (Power)

Trophallaxy - Resilience (Symphonic Power)

Saints 'N' Sinners - Saints 'N' Sinners (Melodic Heavy / Power)

A Hero For The World - A Hero For The World (Melodic Metal)

Illusoria - Illusory World (Female fronted Heavy / Power)

Xentria - Triste Realidad (Spanish Melodic Power)

Perfect Crime - Perfect Crime (Hard Rock / Heavy) [sorry, only got live vids]

Kaledon - Altor: The King's Blacksmith (Epic Melodic Power)

Dreamtale - World Changed Forever (Melodic Power)

Battle Beast - Battle Beast (Heavy / Power)

Mastercastle - On Fire (Heavy / Power)

Timo Tolkki's Avalon (Metal Opera)

Pellek - Ocean Of Opportunity (Symphonic Melodic Power)

Soul of Steel - Journey To Infinity (Melodic Power)

Vhaldemar - Shadows Of Combat (Heavy / Power)

I would like to add new band Avant Guardian from Italy, these guys look like they have potential.

Also, "The Expendable" from Belgium recorded a demo called "This is a Demo, so Don't Expect too much. Thank You!." (Chiptune / Instrumental Power), but I couldn't find any image or video for these guys.


Vandroya - One (Power)

Victorius - The Awakening (Power)

Elderoth - Elderoth (Symphonic Power)

Great Master - Serenissima (Heavy / Power)

Eclipse Prophecy - Days of Judgement (Heavy / Power)

Hydro - Bright Phoenix (Melodic Power)


  • Cardiant - Verge (Melodic Power - May 31st 2013)
  • Edenbridge - The Bonding (Symphonic Power - June 2013)
  • Masterplan - Novum Initium (Power - June 2013)
  • Magnus Karlsson - Freefall (Hard Rock / Power - June 2013)
  • Dark Moor - Ars Musica (Symphonic Power - June 18)
  • Jorn - Traveller (Hard Rock / Power - June 2013)
  • Arrayan Path - IV: Stigmata (Heavy / Power - June 2013)
  • Shadows of Steel - Crown of Steel (Melodic Power - Release date unknown)
  • Enceladus debut (Power - Release date unknown)
  • Galneryus - The Ironhearted Flag Vol. 1 (May 2013 / September 2013)
  • A Sound Of Thunder - Time's Arrow (Heavy / Power - June 4)
  • Powerwolf - Preachers Of The Night (Power - July 2013)
  • Keldian - Outbound (Sci-Fi Power - September 2013)
  • Wizard - (Heavy / Power - September 2013)
  • Gamma Ray - Empire of the Undead (Power - December 2013)
  • ReinXeed - A New World (Symphonic Melodic Power - December 2013)
  • Emerald Sun - Metal Dome (Melodic Power - December 2013)
  • Seven Witches - Rebirth (December 2013)
  • Heavenly - (probably this year)
  • Black Majesty - (prolly in 2014)
  • Dragonforce - (prolly in 2014)
  • Primal Fear -

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    Posts: 22
    From: Greece

      17.04.2013 at 15:09
    @ Susan Thanks for notifying me! The new links should be working now.

    I added the newest stuff, my favorites of the bunch would probably be Gloryhammer (recommended to any Alestorm fan) and A Hero For the World (even though their singer is a carbon copy of Sammet)!

    Another album I like is the new Starbreeze - these guys identify themselves as "Mass Effect metal." I never played Mass Effect but I really like the futuristic / space theme.

    New Amorphis and Amon Amarth wouldn't really fit into this topic, so I didn't put them up there. But it's definitely true that the newest stuff out of them are nothing but stellar!

    Posts: 3099

    Age: 25
    From: Australia

      17.04.2013 at 15:24
    That Warlord album is epic alright.

    Posts: 3
    From: USA
      26.04.2013 at 19:48

    Posts: 23

    Age: 34
    From: USA
      29.04.2013 at 04:46

    Vhäldemar - Shadows of Combat - 2013

    Posts: 22
    From: Greece

      18.05.2013 at 16:46
    A little update. Both new Kaledon and Dreamtale were fantastic, albeit the latter kinda fell short of my huge expectations. Still, this is top-tier finnish power metal.

    New Battle Beast is also great and so is Timo Tolkki's new project, but it's no Avantasia.

    New Pellek is surprisingly catchier than the debut.

    There's a ton of power metal to come in June and July; I'm looking forward to Cardiant, Magnus Karlsson, Masterplan and Powerwolf! It really is a good year to be a fan of the genre.

    Posts: 154

    Age: 36
    From: Singapore

      21.05.2013 at 07:08
    Found this band from Italy, Asgard in their very good quality power metal album titled "Outworld". Here the youtube preview and the review. It's pitty they seems don't have a metalstorm page .

    hey...my blog >>> http://metalharem.blogspot.com/

    Posts: 4617

    Age: 27
    From: Finland

      29.06.2013 at 11:55
    Just checked Dreamtale out for the sake of nostalgia (I love the debut, but Ocean's Heart was garbage and then I lost interest in the genre). It's not bad at all.

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