Burning Shadows - Epic US Metal

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26.02.2013 - 16:44

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Gather, Darkness!, based on Fritz Leiber's classic novel, is a thunderous concept album comprised of eleven tracks divided into four distinct sections that unfurl the story: In a post-apocalypstic, dystopian future, the Great God's Hierarchy uses technology to oppress its subjects in a New Dark Age, but the secretive coven of Sathanas possesses its own technology that has the power dismantle the Hierarchy and truly return humanity to the Golden Age.

Artwork by JP Fournier, creator of such iconic metal album covers as Immortal's At the Heart of Winter, Avantasia's Metal Opera Part II, and DragonForce's Valley of the Damned.

The entire album is streaming free at BandCamp.com

Official Site | Facebook| Twitter
Burning Shadows - Epic Metal
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