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Posted by psykometal, 12.06.2013 - 10:17
It's been mentioned/discussed many times, all over Metal Storm, that unofficial sources are not acceptable when submitting/accepting edits to the band database. Yet I am still seeing several submissions/acceptances where sites like Metal Archives (of all sites!) and Wikipedia are still being used and accepted as the source for submissions/edits in Metal Storm's database. This needs to stop NOW!

Admittedly sites like Metal Archives and Wikipedia are great places for finding a starting point such as images, official site links or general album info. But even that info still needs to be verified using official sources to verify that what you "found" there is correct. If you can't verify all the info through the band's official sites then you can start turning to some alternative options. You can try checking the band's label site(s). In the case of albums, look them up on sites like Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.. You can try doing Google searches for news articles on sites like Blabbermouth, Metal Sucks, Metal Injection, Metal Underground, Brave Words/Bloody Knuckles, etc.. You can also try Google searching for band interviews.

It should be common knowledge by now, especially to people who have "earned" the permissions to submit edits without a Staff-check and those who can also accept other user's submissions, that places like MA have a tendency to be grossly inaccurate and loaded with bad info. So STOP submitting/accepting information with sites like MA or Wikipedia as the source! Otherwise I might decide to take away your ability to edit anything unchecked for a determinate amount of time.

Some very well known, AND UNACCEPTABLE, unofficial sites:
Metal Archives
Metal Kingdom
Rate Your Music
Spirit Of Metal (which is practically a copy/paste of MA anyway)

One of the pride and joys that I and many others, before and alongside me, have had through the years is the pleasure of shaping Metal Storm's database into something different and unique instead of just a copy/paste of sites like Metal Archives and Wikipedia. We are vastly different and far more accurate and complete than Metal Archives or Wikipedia will ever be because we only submit/accept properly verified information. Each and every one of our Database Chiefs (myself included), and several other Staff and many of our Contributors, Elites, and Users have gone to great lengths to ensure that we are not just a copy/paste of Metal Archives and Wikipedia.

So please, help me and the rest of the Metal Storm Staff keep this database the most awesome, unique and accurate database for Metal (and related) music on the internet!
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