I am a professional session musician (online)

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29.06.2013 - 10:24
I'm a professional musician and I work in my own home studio. I can record guitar, bass, vocal, synth and drum tracks.

If you want to record a music project, but lack any instrument or the ability to play it, you can hire me as a studio session musician. I don't necessarily need any tab, I can improvise an instrumental or vocal track while listening to the (soon to be) complete song.

I can play and record anything in the rock music genre, ranging from the 50's to the 2000's. Here are my favourite subgenres: True Norwegian Black Metal, hardcore punk, psychedelic rock, proto-death thrash metal, grunge.

I can cover many famous songs from well-known bands, such as Mayhem's "Pagan Fears", The Beatles' "I Am The Walrus" or Venom's "Witching Hour".

Feel free to contact me through e-mail (vordak[at]hotmail[dot]com) if you have any question to ask. You can submit a sample of your future project to see if we can work together.

Of course I cannot work for everyone at the same time and I am not a robot, which means that my skills, time schedule, facilities, preferences etc are not unlimited. Thanks for your understanding.

Check out my page on Soundcloud:

My main gears:
- XOX Handle electric guitar
- Yamaha BB414X bass guitar
- B-52 ST6012 guitar tube amp
- AMT Distortion Machine pedal
- Zoom 505 pedal
- Mapex Venus drumset (with additional toms, crash and chinese cymbals)
- Alesis SR16 drum machine
- Yamaha W4 synth
- classical guitar...
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