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15.07.2013 - 12:49
VIIEDEN was formed in syria in early 2011 by Abdullah Ghosheh, Hazem Mallah and Fadi Massamiri. Released their 2-track debut ep Calamities Inflicted in 2012, which you can download it for free from here, or listen to it through the youtube links below

Later on, they signed with the newly formed, middle eastern label, Grindbor Records, in the preparation for their debut album, which was scheduled to be released in 2013. But due to the current circumstances in Syria, the work was put into hiatus.

Give the folks some supports:
Official Facebook

Official Reverbnation

And tell us what you think about the EP below.

Also you can follow Grindbor Records on Facebook, to keep an eye on further metal releases from the middle east
15.07.2013 - 15:52
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What a coincidence. I was listening to Viieden yesterday. They're awesome. They sound like a cross between Behemoth and Nile. I especially love the brutal drumming.