The Hguols CDs sale (special clearance offer!)

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29.07.2013 - 00:01
For those of you not aware of this project, Hguols is an instrumental (no lyrics) experimental electronic/metal project. I guess it would be a fair statement to say that this is like dubstep made to sound like symphonic black metal. (no real instruments were used - its all sequenced MIDI)

That being said, there's very few middle of the road opinions about this project - I'm being very honest in stating that its pretty much likes or dislikes. This is either one of those projects you find annoying (sterile, hate the distortion or that there's no guitars) and wouldn't listen to it at all...
...or really REALLY like that its different, unique, chaotic, complex, epic and a breath of fresh air.

I have 4 full length (over 40 minutes each) albums that were released between 2009 and 2011.

"Epitome" is the debut album, released in 2009 consisting of 10 tracks. It is sold out and is no longer available.
I also have no featured songs either from this album. Sorry.

"Celestial Powers Intervened to True Supremacy" is the sophomore album, released in 2010 consisting of 8 tracks. Its harsh, fast and chaotic.
200 CDs have been pressed and there are 36 copies left. You can listen to 3 songs from the YouTube links below.

"Maunstraut" is a collection of "orchestral only" tracks from the first two albums, released in 2010 consisting of 12 tracks. This release has no "distortion" or drums. Synthesized strings, harpsichord, timpani and other instruments in an orchestral fashion.
100CDs were pressed, I have 42 copies left. You can listen to 3 songs from the YouTube links below.

"Depiction Under the Obscure Seclusion" is the last release, and I would consider the apex of the project. Released in 2011 consisting of 5 tracks, it has longer, more epic tracks. There's a lot more variety as well, (compared to Celestial Powers Intervened To True Supremacy which was mostly chaotic)
100CDs were pressed, I have 23 copies left. The YouTube link below is a 15 minute preview of each track of the entire album.


Each (available) CD is professionally pressed, shrink wrapped, bar coded, 2 panel full color insert, full color on disc printing and a tray card.

The remaining 3 albums I have, I'll sell for $6 each and this price this includes shipping, even internationally.
If you get all 3 CDs, it will only be $15, once again including worldwide shipping.
Haggling is welcome. If you run an online distro and want to work out a special deal to carry these CDs, or just want to set your own price for one, two or 3 discs, you're more than welcome to. (My only stipulation with wholesale is that I won't accept consignment for this offer)

These CDs used to be available at Stave The Flesh, Nordic Mission, Divine Metal Distro, Shaver Audio and Video, SoundMass and Extreme Records. Most of the places, these albums are no longer available, and if they are, they're not at the price I'm asking for.
(not to mention, buying from me, you'll be supporting the artist)

This offer will be good as long as long as these CDs are in stock.
I will post updates if any of these are no longer available.
There are no plans at this time to make additional pressings of these albums.

Question or comments, please e-mail me at
thomas at ankouawaits dot com
(in e-mail format of course)
...or send me a PM or reply to this thread.

No questions or comments and would like to buy some CDs? My PayPal is
thomas at ankouawaits dot com
(in e-mail format of course)

Want to do another method of payment besides PayPal? Please e-mail me at
thomas at ankouawaits dot com
(in e-mail format of course)
...or send me a PM or reply to this thread.

All orders, I'll e-mail you back to let you know your discs are on the way.

Thank you for your time, feedback, questions and purchases!