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Posted by DJ Cos on 31.07.2013 at 01:46
I was just wondering why YOU listen to metal these days... In the old days it was to defy, to stick it to the man, to be different, to explore, to express your self and more. Does this still apply or is it simpler now eg. ´I like the beats´.. or is it more complex eg. ´I get a sense of well-beeing counting beats in math-metal´ etc.

What are you looking for... What makes you happy?

I know what it is for me, but I wanna hear it from You

your ex metal DJ Cos

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  17.10.2013 at 18:59
I think perhaps I started like metal when I was around 12 or 13 because I was a grumpy/angsty kid who needed an outlet that wouldn't get me in too much trouble. The more I listened to it, the more it actually began to move me emotionally. The melodies and lyrics were powerful. I felt at peace and at home when I listened to metal. I could imagine myself any way I wanted within the music. It still inspires and moves me.

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From: Canada

  30.10.2013 at 05:27
I guess because I like how it makes me feel? My degree's in science, but I took advanced English Lit too, and I love how the lyrics go beyond the mundane and can cover subjects that would either be distasteful (violence, war, hate, suffering), boring (literature, history) or silly (heroes, magic, dragons, metal itself) to a mainstream audience. And the drums and guitar...even on slower songs they're strong, heavy. It's powerful music that can conjure up fantastic mental images that you couldn't get away with in pop or country (which are the most popular genres in my area aside from hard rock&metal).

I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel stronger listening to it. Plus it sounds cool
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  30.10.2013 at 05:32
Written by Lord Eddard on 21.08.2013 at 07:31

I can't really express it on a rational way - I have nothing profound to say. It's just like that woman I love, I just love it. I could say it's because the atmosphere, because there are a lot of creative bands that don't sell out to mainstream musical industry, because there is some crazy technical playing that blows my mind, but I don't think that this rationalizations are the answer. I love my songs, my music, my bands. It just makes life a little less stupid, it makes the world a little less mediocre and keeps me going with at least some pleasure in my life.

Well said. That was actually quite beautiful, even.
And I shall not be dark but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair
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  30.10.2013 at 07:41
During 80s we metalheads were considered as " bad untrustworthy people "

nowadays metal is so common that it is trendy , it's cool to like heavy music

I started to listen raw music when I was 6 and never stopped
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  30.10.2013 at 14:42
I honestly listen to metal for many purposes, Its different from other much music such as pop,hip-hop,etc. Also, its an outlet to me, I can just play some metal and some amazing riffs from Exodus or Slayer come on and I can let everything go. Not to mention,metal is a gift from the gods. Its the greatest music alive. From the drums to guitar from the bass and vocals. Just amazing!

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From: UK

  14.11.2013 at 17:35
Because I like the way it sounds.

Honestly, I can't think of any possible answer to the question other than that one.
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  14.11.2013 at 17:40
^ yes there is a better answer , because it makes me bang my head
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From: Norway

  14.11.2013 at 21:52
Metal is so diverse, the more you discover, the more you understand that you haven't heard shit yet.. Also I love how you can get the mix of the extreme and the soft from one single CD.
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  28.11.2013 at 13:24
I listen to metal of various reasons. I find the sound unique compared to other genres of music. It has music for every mood of mine, and every time I feel down the music is magic and it feels like my body heals itself. Actually It feels great anytime, and fills my body with a feeling no other thing in the world has done before. The lyrics also have meanings, something I find very rear in today's music, which is a really good thing for metal. The shortest answer to the question is that it makes me feel complete!
Grey Wind

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  01.12.2013 at 19:33
I think it has to do with powerful\extreme feelings. Mainstream music or jazz\blues is usually for calm easy-going moods. which is great but if you want to feel empowered, metal gives you the strongest vocalists, the bigger-than-life music, the fastest BPM, the over-the-top lyrics. When people say the riffs are "crushing" that means they give you a strong, powerful feeling. And if you want to be powerful you've got to be strongest or the saddest of the fastest or smartest(complex) and that's what metal is all about, and that's why I like it.

"normal" music can be good but I notice that it never goes all the way through. No catharsis. Everything is being "nice". It can become annoying after a while, you feel like something is missing..and that's where heavy music enters giving you all the freedom to be whatever you want..people are allowed to scream, feel sad or strong or anything.
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From: Puerto Rico

  07.12.2013 at 01:36
I listen to Metal for various reasons:

Metal is boundary-less. There is always something for everyone within the many sub-genres Metal has. There is a diversity of moods, of atmosphere, of heaviness, of virtuosity and of ideologies that anyone can enjoy, regardless of the individual.

Metal welcomes you to express yourself in any way. There are no limitations, quite the contrary, it preaches individualism. So, in a sense, Metal helps you to further define and discover yourself; who you are, what you are, and why you are like you are.

Drifting from the actual music, there is a strong presence of unity within the Metal community that can't be concretely seen on other genres. Being in a lot of local and national Metal shows, I genuinely feel that there is a family, asides from those who try to destroy it (There are some like that on every community). Nonetheless, I view Metal as a gateway to expression, to change, to discovery and to beauty.

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From: Syria

  07.12.2013 at 08:10
Well I'm not an unusual person I just started off early, liked it, kept listening ,then could not like anything else anymore, some say I was a loner child who liked to stay alone or sit in the attic when I was young and didn't talk much either, but I definitely wouldn't refer to that as the main reason ,I just have good musical ears plus metal made me free so I owe it

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From: Mexico

  08.12.2013 at 00:39
I listen to metal because I like it! period!
Started since I was about 8 years old and still going strong. It's music I can feel, it gives me an adrenalin rush when hearing a good blast beat or a fast thrash song aloud! It helps you forget your issues and you can explode your feelings, which in turn will give you a sense of relief and peacefullness after hearing it. It will leave a lasting good taste in your mouth. Anyone that says they like metal most probably it's because they live metal!
Believe me, you won't hear this kind of statements from people who like other / softer music.
Shadow King

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From: USA

  10.12.2013 at 10:15
I've always loved the feelings of adrenaline I get from listening to this music; whenever I drive my car, I usually like to make detours into the canyon and mountain roads near my home just so I can drive as fast as I want and be able to absorb the natural surroundings that match the epic music blasting from my speakers. It's something you just can't get out of listening to Hip-Hop while doing the same thing, it feels like a one-trick pony that you can't take much out of and can only fit into one particular setting. Metal music is just better able to mold itself into whatever mood you feel and the different experiences you take in, whether it be walking down the streets of urban Los Angeles or driving through the mountains on Ortega Highway, or sometimes just taking a nap. Metal is just a universal idea that can be incorporated anytime, anywhere.
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From: Germany

  14.12.2013 at 00:30
Well first because it's fun and good solos or riffs still give me the chills sometimes.
but what I really appreciate in metal is it's honesty...especially with black metal I feel like the aggression and not-so-positive feelings and thoughts are often ignored or suppressed in our society and metal expresses those things very clearly. also this kind of music often isn't only done for money purposes but because someone really likes what he does and doesn't care what other ppl think of it. this also gives me the feeling that I'm not the only freak or different-then-average person out there which makes it much more pleasant then any other music.

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From: USA

  14.12.2013 at 15:28
I was raised listening to metal, my Dad loves Judas Priest. Since then I explored on my own and found even heavier bands, and now I'm the one showing him new music. The sound of metal really varies, there are so many different genres, that I can listen to it no matter what mood I'm in.
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From: Australia

  17.12.2013 at 00:17
I like intense guitar orientated music.

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