HHR news 08/2013 (Ancestors Blood, Forefather, Gestalte...)

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16.08.2013 - 13:42
Out now:

ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) "A moment of clarity" CD 2013
As the midsummerday now lies behind us, this is the sound to the coming stormy nights over the vastness of the Finnish landscape! Epic songwriting as can be expected from Ancestors Blood. The new album 'A moment of clarity' is production wise a lot rougher than the previous 'Return of the ancient ones' and 'When the forest calls'; it goes back to the sound of their first demos. So expect a lot more primitive and rougher in sound, yet possibly their strongest songs ever. Recommended to fanatics of Satyricon debut and later Summoning.
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GESTALTE (Nld) "Ashes of the soul" CD 2013
Voidwandering black metal. Anticipated debut full length of pure black evil out now.
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GRIFT (Nld) "Twisted paradigm of light" MC 2013
Misanthropic Luciferian black metal.
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ANWFYNN (Nld) "Zicht" MCD 2013
This is not post rock, not acoustic folk, not shoegaze, not progressive; it is impossible to put in any category. Yet it is a bit of everything, fused together in a hypnotic musical journey into thoughts. This 5 track EP is the debut from this Dutch project has over 35 minutes playing time, containing atmospheric music, build with layers and layers of melodic acoustic and electric (bass)guitars, drums, percussion and synthesizers, supplemented with spoken, screamed and whispered words and choirs. An extensive list of instruments, all carefully crafted into a unique and very diverse mix of cacophonic sounds, soothing ambient, contrarian rhythms with technical breaks; all merged into a higly atmospheric piece. The CD is self-produced and financed by its creator in its entirety, so be sure to support them and give these tracks a listen!
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GRAVELAND (Pol) "The Celtic winter" LP
Reissued vinyl LP with old cassette release tracklisting and artwork. Comes with gatefold jacket, 12" black vinyl, 18" x 24" poster. For now, this will be last of the old Graveland vinyl issues. With 'Immortal pride', 'Following the voice of blood', 'In the glare...' and now 'The Celtic winter', all of Graveland's most essential releases are out on vinyl. Buy them now if you haven't done so already.

Upcoming releases for aug/sept:

Forefather - 'Steadfast' CD
I'm extremely honoured to announce a repress of this masterpiece. No bonustracks, no new artwork, this album is perfection as it is. Will be send to press shortly, to be released in August or September.

Irrwisch - 'Fallwind' 7"
Currently at the press, waiting for testpress.

Ancestors Blood - 'A moment of clarity' LP
LP edition of the new album. Finishing the layout.

Blackdeath - 'Fanatical' tape
Currently in print. Tape-edition of this rare rehearsalrecording with one unreleased bonustracks.

Skeeltron - 'Waldgeist' tape
Currently in print, an unexpected but exciting new demo

Following in okt/nov:

Tartaros - 'Darkened destiny' tape
V/A 'Oud en bezeten' compilationtape


Christs Nails Demos 1992-1996 tape Re-stock
Desaster Angelwhore tape
Funerary Call Unearthed tape
Heretic Sins from the basement tape
Satanize Eterna punicao tape

Armatus / Akitsa split 7"
Bestial Raids Prime evil damnation diehard LP
Blackdeath Fucking fullmoon foundation LP
Demigod Let chaos prevails LP
Freitod Blasphemous chants of glorification pic LP
Freitod / Wacht split 7"
Freitod / Unhuman Disease split 7"
Graveland Following the voice of blood DLP
Graveland The Celtic winter gatefold LP
In Battle Welcome to the battlefield LP
Kataklysm Temple of knowledge gatefold LP
Kataklysm Epic gatefold LP
Kataklysm Shadow & dust gatefold LP
Lock Up Hate breeds suffering gatefold LP
Morte Incandescente / Mons Veneris split 7"
Ruach Raah / Maldicão split 7"
Samael Above LP
Satanize / Eterna Penumbra split LP
Satanize / Dolentia split 7"
Terrorizer Hordes of zombies LP + flexidisc

Ancestors Blood A moment of clarity CD
Annwfyn Zicht MCD
Bestial Raids Reversed black trinity CD
Bestial Warlust Satan's fist MCD
Blackdeath Satan macht frei CD
Chaos Omen Let clarity succumb MCD
Decayed Chaos underground CD
Decayed The ancient brethren CD
Flagellant Maledictum CD
Gestalte Ashes of the soul CD
Goatpenis Trotz verbot, nicht tot CD
Godless North Summon the age of supremacy CD
Godless North Fimbulvetr 2CD
Hayras / D-Stramonium split CDR
Heretic / Waffenträger Luzifers Blasphemic hymns split CD
Liholesie Perpetual rotation CD
Mental Horror Blemished redemption CD
Obskene Sonare Der letzte weiße Hirsch CD
Satanize Holy destruction ritual CD
Vreid Pitch black brigade CD
Wacht / Dunkelheit split CD
Warhammer The winter of our discontent CD

Full mailorderlist: www.heidenshart.nl


HEIMDALLS WACHT 13 + 14 september, Fimbul Festival, Germany;
HERETIC 2 november Koblenz, Hellbangers Festival;
GESTALTE / CARTHAUN / CELESTERRE / ASGRAUW 29 september Little Devil Tilburg;
GESTALTE 23 okt, Tampere, Varjobaari + SACRIFICIUM CARMEN, SHIA-IXA;
GESTALTE 26 okt, Helsinki, Lepakkomies + AZAGHAL, KORGONTHURUS

FUCK cHRIST BOOKINGS in conspiracy with Satan and black metal presents:

"PhoboSatan" tour November 2013

BLACKDEATH (Rus - First European tour ever, new album coming soon)
AZAGHAL (Fin - First European tour ever)
GESTALTE (Nld - First European tour ever, debut album "Ashes of the soul" out now)

14/11: FRA Lille, Le Midland
15/11: BEL Gent, tbc
16/11: NLD Rotterdam, Baroeg
17/11: NLD Arnhem, Willemeen


Mortifera / Totalselfhatred / Freitod tour December 2013

MORTIFERA (France, new albums coming in 2013)
TOTALSELFHATRED (Finland, Osmose Productions, finally on tour after cancellation of their previous tour)
FREITOD (Germany, melancholic black/doom metal, Ván Records)

Wed 4/12: FRA - (tbc)
Thu 5/12: BEL - (tbc)
Fri 6/12: NLD - Rotterdam, Baroeg
Sat 7/12: GER - Oberhausen, Helvete + special guest Murw
Sun 8/12: NLD - Arnhem, Willemeen
Mon 9/12: GER - Berlin, K17
Tue 10/12: POL - (tbc)
Wed 11/12: CZE - Pilsen, Pod Lampou
Thu 12/12: AUT - Wien, Metalcorner
Fri 13/12: ITA/GER - tbc
Sat 14/12: SWI - Olten, Provisorium 8
Sun 15/12: FRA/ITA - tbc

Info + bookings: fcbookings@gmail.com