How many metalheads are there on earth?

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Posted by Grey Wind, 31.10.2013 - 13:26
While going through some metal tunes on youtube I suddenly had this funny question pop up in my head - "How many metalheads are there on earth?" and I thought it might be intriguing for you guys too.What happend is I checked a video of a certain band and it had 22,000 views. And it made me wonder, does that number somehow represent the number of fans this band has? The logical notion is - no , obviously - Because a single person can create 1000 views just by that number really doesn't help us. Am I right? Correct me if i'm wrong.

Anyway, the number does create a certain vibe. Some kind of assumption, and since no one can answer my question with perfect calculation, you can only achieve some kind of logical assumption. For example, we can look at the number of people attending festivals like Wacken. But still that calculation won't be so good. Just consider the amount of metalheads in third world countries in asia who have no money\option for these kind of trips. Or the age groups who just usually don't go to festivals.

Personally, my notion is that the community is much smaller than the vibe it creates.

Another example - Consider the huge(really huge) amount of news about the gay\lesbian demographic(especially in the US media).
But how many gay\lesbian people are in society? from my google search, less than 10%, and in some countries as low as 1% (!).
Isn't that interesting? but that's another topic. What I wanted to say is that It's really hard to get a good guess at how many metalheads are worldwide.
The worldwide metal community is very loud and when you look at it from inside, it feels like there are tons of us..but if we look at it from the outside? hmmmm what are your thoughts !?
01.11.2014 - 02:03
M C Vice
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We could easily find out. Just need to raise enough money to build a giant magnet on the moon.

What about all the non-ferrous metalheads, it wouldn't work on them

They're not true enough. Just a bunch of posers.
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I assume metalheads comprise one percent of the population, so I guess there are a couple million all around the world.

1 precent of the world is 70 million people, an interesting guess but I'm not sure about it

I actually think this is a fair estimate.
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06.11.2014 - 06:29
I think there's either an even number or an odd number of metalheads on Earth.
19.04.2016 - 18:43
100 million, a good round figure.

Depends on how you define it, though. I mean, is a guy with a Foghat t-shirt a metalhead? What about all the teenage girls out there listening to metalcore because seventh grade sucks?

She doesn't know any better, and next year it will probably be goth or emo.
08.07.2016 - 00:04
I would say lots, but not too many as, let's say, pop music listeners.
I live in Mexico, and when a well-renowned metal act comes to our country, they usually hit one of the following major cities (or sometimes the three in a row): Mexico City, Monterrey and/or Guadalajara. I guess elsewhere there are not enough metalheads to make their trip worthwile.
Same thing for the rest of Central and South America; on most of those countries they only play at the capital city.
On the south of Mexico metal is almost non-existent.
I believe the US and Europe are the places with more metalheads per capita, even though I'm sure their percentage is very low compared to the rest of the population.
We have to admit it: Metal in general is not music so easily to digest for the average music listener.
Many people who listen for the first time to the music I listen to, say the same thing over and over again: what's that fu..... noise??!!