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Posted by Stigmatized, 09.01.2007 - 00:25
Shade Empire is a band from Kuopio, Finland. As described on, "Shade Empire play a form of epic Industrial Black Metal". They use keyboards better than anyone I've ever heard and the vocalist is great as well. They have released 2 full-length albums, "Sinthetic" and "Intoxicate O.S.". I practically worship this band, as no band has ever affected me like they have.

Anyone know them?
15.12.2008 - 09:42
Jason W.
You know, I had my initial complaints about "Zero Nexus," but slowly since it's release, I've listened to it almost as much as "Intoxicate O.S." I still don't care much for the first track, but other than that, it's a satisfying release I think now. "Ecstasy Of Black Light" has now become my favorite song on the disc, and strangely enough, this CD has got a lot of praise from people who have had the opportunity to hear my metal cds blasting while I'm at work. Not that they would buy it of course, but on a musicianship level, it's accessible and extreme all at once.

I can't come across many bands who play this style - and anyone who can even remotely remind me of the great ...And Oceans of the past gets easy respect in my mind. Not that Shade Empire is the same by any means, but I get this feeling they had to have been influenced. I'd say the new disc is a strong 8 from me
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15.12.2008 - 20:14
I grew to like Zero Nexus over time as well. I disagree with you on the first track though, it's one of my favorites.
11.03.2009 - 13:41
Sinthetic and Intoxicate O.S are much better than Zero Nexus
10.04.2009 - 23:59
Ag Fox
Angel No More
I first listened to Sinthetic and it totally blew me away. It was totally bombastic and Human Sculpture with Marco Hietala was simply the climax of the album. Intoxicate O.S. was a nice release too and it seemed like a natural successor to Sinthetic, but Zero Nexus seems to take a complete turn. But as ppl above me mentioned earlier ZN takes a bit of time to grow on you. The female vocals make quite a pleasent change.
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