APOCRYFAL - Aberration Of Mind (Death Metal - Finland)

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07.01.2014 - 23:58

We are Apocryfal, an assaulting Death Metal-band from Jyväskylä, Finland, and this is our second recording entitled "Aberration of Mind", released 2nd of October 2013. This EP is continuation to our debut demo, "Ravens", which was released early 2012.

"Aberration of Mind" contains more blackened tune to it, both musically and lyrics-wise comparing to our demo "Ravens" which was more straightforward Death Metal manifest. The band was founded in 2009 and our goal for year 2014 is to do as much gigs as possible and also to find ourselves a record deal, which would please both us and the offerer.

"Ravens" got amazing response worldwide:

"The concept is as straightforward as getting your ass kicked at the hotdog stand, it's bashing like there is no tomorrow and all this with the maximum aggression. The sounds are very tasty and professional for a demo band, the powerful growls fill the soundscape perfectly." - Damned By Light

"I bet you like it raw, straightforward, just downright brutal, severe sounding and unpolished? Then the APOCRYFAL camp might be the answer for your call." - Voices From The Darkside

"APOCRYFAL are successful to implement their energy and joy of playing in music. The listener is literally carried away by the power and also by the speed of "Ravens". A very powerful production which leaves nothing to be desired. I can only recommend APOCRYFAL!" -Extreminal

In comparison to Ravens, Aberration Of Mind is much more controlled and prepared manifestation. We read the old reviews and took in some inspiration from them, so we could focus on making a better album without compromising our own style or creativity. Ravens was fast, brutal and raw. The new record is more focused and contains more diversity, although staying fast and brutal. The production was a challenge, as we tried to keep the production clean, but the music as raw as we could.

After laying down the recording and mixing at Watercastle Studio, Finland, the record went over to Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, Witherscape) for mastering.

Members from left to right:
JS - Drums
PV - Vocals
JL - Guitar
JV - Bass
MH - Guitar

Contact us at:


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