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04.03.2014 - 18:08
PRE-ORDER: March 5th at 5PM Finnish time (10AM NYC).

AUDIO: https://soundcloud.com/bloodmusic-1/ifing-the-stream

Blood Music will be releasing the incredible debut by Ifing - a USBM duo playing material that authentically harkens back to the early days of Nordic, pagan black metal - such as "Bergtatt"-era Ulver, Summoning, Moonsorrow, Windir. A 36-minute ride down the river Ifing - through the breadths of ancient mythology, pitting the spirits of monsters against men.

There will be ultra-limited deluxe edition vinyl available, as well as a digipack CD.

* Ultra-limited edition of 200 Silver vinyl.
* Ultra-limited edition of 100 Black vinyl.
* Pressed onto 180-gram+ vinyl.
* First-time album release, mastered specifically for vinyl.
* 350gsm heavyweight board single-pocket jacket with 5-color outer printing, featuring a metallic pantone for all text and logos.
* Inner jacket printing.
* Black inner sleeves.

* 4-panel digipack CD, limited to 1000 copies.
*Available: maudlin of the Well/Lykathea Aflame/Ihsahn*

Coming soon: Sigh, Manii, Odium, Kauan, Aquilus, Negura Bunget, Thy Catafalque, Ne Obliviscaris, Strapping Young Lad

Blood Music