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20.05.2006 - 20:19
hi-fi / lo-life
Here is one band that the world seems to have completely forgotten although they were actually incredibly influential. You see, they were the first band to mix industrial and metal. No, it wasnt Ministry, or even Big Black and Killing Joke. Chrome was doing it way back in 1979!!!
They started as a pure industrial band but quickly began using punk and metal elements in their music. By 1981 they evolved into what we call industrial metal these days. They were active for a few more years before breaking up.
Anybody else into them? Their music is pure genius, often decades ahead of their time (3rd from the sun sounds a lot like current post-rock releases for example). Bands like the Swans, Foetus, Prong, Skinny Puppy etc. openly admit that they were influenced by Chrome.
20.05.2006 - 21:05
Didn't Helios Creed play on this band?
15.02.2008 - 19:59
Born Too Late
omg my dad loves chrome! i hadn't actually heard of them until about a month ago but i shall be listening to them - maybe i'll like them!
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16.02.2008 - 04:32
Chrome is pretty tight. I found out about them through your blog a while ago. To me it sounds more punk than anything else, but you can really tell that Ministry and Skinny Puppy were heavily influenced by this band.