Nightwish - Angels Fall First Lyric BUG

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09.05.2014 - 21:48
Bad English
@Troy or staff dont delete this tread before who can fix has not seen, ... I dont wanna write this 2 times

If you look at album Nightwish - Angels Fall First

Look at both and compare

You see tracklist:
01. Elvenpath
02. Beauty And The Beast
03. The Carpenter
04. Astral Romance
05. Angels Fall First
06. Tutankhamen
07. Nymphomaniac Fantasia
08. Know Why The Nightingale Sings
09. Lappi (Lapland)
1 - I: Erämaajärvi
2 - II: Witchdrums
3 - III: This Moment Is Eternity
4 - IV: Etiäinen
10. Once Upon A Troubadour [2004 digipack Spinefarm re-release bonus]
11. A Return To The Sea [2004 digipack Spinefarm re-release bonus]
12. A Return To The Sea [2007 re-release bonus]
13. Nightwish [demo] [2007 re-release bonus]
14. The Forever Moments [demo] [2007 re-release bonus]
15. Etiäinen [demo] [2007 re-release bonus]

But if you look at same album lyrics:

there are song lyrics incluedet what is not at this album at all -..--


01. Life Revisited
01. Cauterize
01. Elvenpath
02. Fooling The Weak
02. Beauty And The Beast
03. Open Casket Priapism
03. The Carpenter
05. Angels Fall First
06. Tutankhamen
07. Nymphomaniac Fantasia
08. 24 Year Party Dungeon
09. Lappi (Lapland)
10. Vesilahden Veräjillä
11. Welcome to Hel
11. Empty Room
11. A Return To The Sea

when I click eddit it is not posible delete those, those are not there, but generaly they are if you look at main lyric
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09.05.2014 - 22:21
Troy Killjoy
Ya this actually can't be fixed apparently. I tried removing the track numbers but that doesn't change anything and there's no option to delete the extra tracks (which are listed as "empty").

Sounds like a job for Ivan.
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