When and How did You start listening to Metal?

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Well, I've been looking in the forum, but I couldn't find a topic like this one. Now that I finally got my 100 posts, I can create it . (Hope it wont be locked or deleted though).

I'd like to know when you guys have started to like metal. I think it reveals many things about people's personality, as in my opinion, Metal is not a kind of music you can listen to "by chance". I think there is a kind of... evolution, which eventually makes you listen to this music.

Personally, I started being into Metal only 3 years ago, in 2003, (which is kinda late,) thanks to Rammstein, I was about 14, but even then, I was more into Industrial and Rock. Even if I've been raised with a big brother who used to listen to classic Metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Metallica for instance, I've never thought I would regard myself as a "metalhead" one day.

I guess I wasn't mature enough to understand what Metal could really mean. But we all grow up. I've never really had a "happy" life, and I found in Metal things that helped me much. There were feelings I couldn't name, and Metal enabled me to understand more things about my own life and about people in general.
I think I wouldn't have started listening to this kind of music if I wasn't forced to leave the place I had been living in for years, for the second time. That special event, when I had to move and leave everything behind, made me start listening to Metal. And now i know i cant live without it.

Its your turn now , I'd like to know how and when you started listening to Metal. It might be really interesting I think, and I'm sure there is a lot to say .
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Inner Metal Cage
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Written by ouion on 29.03.2016 at 01:05

My journey to metal begins when I listen to varieties of music, but I will only name a few: Classical, Rock, pop, dub-step, electronic, and yes little bits of Heavy Metal. For me, I love heavy and complex music. Before I listen to metal, I mostly listen to some obscure musicians and bands. As some point in my life, I decided pop was very catchy and simple. In School, I join band and play a instrument. In band, I learned how music works and I love the music which the band plays. It sounded very complex, heavy, and epic. As with me a Judging person. I once declared if the music sounds good on my terms, then its the music I will listen to. My Friend grew up with metal, but he only listens to the big four thrash metal bands. First, my introduction to metal was by my friend. I didn't like metal at first( by the way, he made me listen to Metallica). My official introduction to metal was by listening to a Symphonic Gothic Metal band called Xandria, the First songs I listen to was Ravenheart and Eversleeping(I listen to some Therion back before my friend made me listen to Metallica). As with me, I love heavy and dark music. I begin listening to Xandria and some other Symphonic Metal and Gothic Metal bands. I quickly expanded to Power metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal. I told my friend about this, and I almost can see him hanging his head in shame over the diversity of metal, I listen to. He then said, he listens to "Soft Metal". I am now happy with metal and this is what music I was searching for. Now, I really want to play a Electric Guitar!

Bands and Genres I listen to

Symphonic Metal and Gothic Metal:

Paradise Lost
Lacuna Coil

Power Metal:
Primal Fear
Sonata Arctica

Thrash Metal:

Heavy Metal:
Black Sabbath

Death Metal:

Omnium Gatherum
Morbid Angel

Progressive Metal:

Toothgrinder(this band combines a little bit of metalcore)

I invite you to check out the band called Dark Letter (http://darkletter.pl)
10.10.2016 - 14:10
Written by Uziel on 07.10.2016 at 03:33

Death Metal:

Omnium Gatherum
Morbid Angel

What ? You call Omnium Gatherum death metal ? Come on it's melodeath like insomnium or Dark Tranquillity
17.10.2016 - 20:08
Since 12. First time I've listend to GnR.
20.10.2016 - 19:50
Probably when I was about 10. The band that brought me into metal was Rammstein.
27.10.2016 - 12:01
In 2008 when I heard Hypocrisy and then Pain. Basically, Peter Tagtgren got me into metal scene
08.11.2016 - 01:02
For me it was about 5 years ago I would say. I stumbled upon an AMV that happen to have Iron Maiden's 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' playing. I ended up digging through their discography and have loved metal ever since then.
15.05.2017 - 00:58
Esoteric Zachism
In late 7th grade early 8th grade (I'm in 9th now).
I was huge into Video Games and I loved music, but mainly classic stuff like The Beatles.
A friend I had through video games was into metal and he posted a song from Type O (still one of my all time favorite bands) online. It was 12 Black Rainbows, the B-side to Everything Dies. After that I listened to Cinnamon Girl. I listened to Type O a lot for a while, then my next metal band was Opeth, so immediately I was into the extreme side of metal. But I've been into it ever since. Now I listen to bands like Leviathan, The Ruins Of Beverast, Converge, Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, etc.
24.05.2017 - 18:15
My dad was a big influence on me music wise. So i was practically born into metal