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Posted by MichaelAngeloT on 07.08.2014 at 13:25
Most of Metalheads believe that what we should call Metal is consist of heavy / power metal bands.
Apart from this,they all judge and criticise nu metal bands cuase they are not "Metal" as they tend to say.

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From: UK
  23.09.2014 at 09:51
Thats not it! i really dont get it cause for thema nu metaller is not a metalhead

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From: Iran

  04.11.2014 at 12:58
Cause in some cases its like rap ( not that i dont like rap ) and its not even rap and some cases its to simple and boring im not saying good metal is Death Metal im saying good compose good concept good music but some times there are some good tracks among them like Deftones - Passengers ( feat Maynard ) or some Mudvayne Tracks but mostly they are mainstream and popular and its not considered good music

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