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06.02.2007 - 21:01
Hellish Star
So, Metalium released theirs sixth album. The first two albums were fantastic, afterwards it was't that great anymore. This German band just released "Nothing to undo" and I must admitt it is another great album. The style is still the same as before but there's "dome kick-ass fire" again in the music. The album contains 10 awesome songs, including a fantastic cover from Queen (Show must go on". And yes, it is one of the best German metal bands, no doubts about it...

Somebody else who picked this last album up? If not, try it out, you won't regret it...

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07.02.2007 - 02:11
The Bard
I like this band a lot, I heard for them on some compilations and some tributes, after that I bought some best of or something, they have that sound I like, their drumer is real maniac and I like his rhytms, guitars are real heavy and that is all I am asking for, I tryed to watche them couple of times but every time some shit happen and I fail, next time there will be no excuses.
What are Geramans gives their children to eat, so many great heavy/speed bands?
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09.09.2010 - 00:52
Reviving a very old thread here! Where are my tr00 heavy metal fans??

I've had Metalium's album Nothing to Undo - Chapter VI since it came out and I quite enjoy it. How are the others? While Metalium shows great promise and FUN on this album, there is definitely a slight generic element. Is it worth picking up some of the later/earlier albums?
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09.09.2010 - 13:18
Fail to see how a cheesy band like Metalium is tr00.
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