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Green Carnation

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Posted by Soliloquy, 21.05.2006 - 03:25
we seriously need more people getting into Green Carnation! the band is awsome, and so under rated. well..they would have to be known in order to be under rated. no one knows them! but then again, since they are from norway, they wont get any attention. reason being that norway is getting bigger and bigger with the black and gothic metal, that all the attention going to norway goes to bands like Theatre Of Tragedy, Mayhem, Emperor, Midnattsol, TSYBO....

(note: Tchort (Terje Vik Schei) is also a guitarist for Emperor, and their current vocalist is also a member of trail of tears)

but anyways, i think green carnation are the first metal/rock band that made a song that is over an hour long. is it still the longest metal song out there? some say it is, some dont..whatever. i only have thier 'light of day, day of darkness' and 'the quite offspring' album and think they both are incredible. not really sure which one i like more coz they boht are so different. i guess thats how the band would be considered progressive. they keep changing their style and experiment with all sorts of things.

haha, im actually listening to light of day, day of darkness right now. incredible song!

what do you think about em? and did you guys see em live? how are they?

and here is a video for thier song 'the boy in the attic' from their 'the quiet off spring' album:
14.08.2006 - 08:20
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Light of Day,Day of Darkness is quite an outstanding album,other than haven't heard much..
14.08.2006 - 18:46
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
If you go onto there are some interesting videos from Green Carnation.
(space for rent)
21.04.2008 - 10:57
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Interesting, I just came upon their album "The Acoustic Verses" which I find to be extremely captivating. Such a tranquil and fragile album they made. I am interested to hear their other works. It seems from this topic that Light of Day, Day of Darkness is a masterpiece as well .
21.04.2008 - 14:19
The Acoustic Verses is really a perfect job from these guys, its just beautiful from start to finish.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.