Impure (GER)

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03.03.2007 - 13:31
Hey guys!

I'm interested what you think about this band. This band is not to be confused with the spanish Impure. They are a brutal death metal band from Germany. They have two full-lenghts "Something Evil" (1999) and "In Disrespect to Mankind" (2002). I only know the latter, but it is damn awesome. A lot of those average brutal death metal bands are boring because it just seems to be uninspired blasting, but this is entirely not the case with Impure. They seem to have interesting songstructes and the songs don't all sound the same. I have fallen in love with "In Disrespect to Mankind".

I really recommend them to you. You might think differently about them, but at least give them a try!
04.03.2007 - 03:19
Yeah I know these guys. In Disrespect to Mankind seems to be their better album. The riffs are very enjoyable and they are fast as hell. The vocals are also pretty brutal, but they sound pretty lame on Something Evil. I'll buy In Disrespect to Mankind one of these days...
04.03.2007 - 20:55
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Yet another badass band discovered on Metalstorm!
17.06.2007 - 18:51
I have got around to listen to "Something Evil". It's an ok album, but actually not quite as impressive as "In Disrespect to Mankind". The production isn't that good and overall it seems to be less BDM than their second album, more mixed with traditional death metal. I don't like it too much.
18.06.2007 - 00:54
Their music sounds badass, but like most death metal, it's not really original.