Favorite music genre outside metal

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Posted by tulkas, 05.03.2007 - 04:41
It's obvious in this web page we are brought toghether by one music genre, but what about the rest?
I wanted to know which are your other favorite musical genres out side metal (if you have any), and if you may want to comment why.
I didn't create a poll so it could be more open, besides I wouldn't be able to fill all the possible genres, so...
Ok, so, just feel free to discuss this and tell what you think
12.05.2013 - 05:30
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
I listen to every type of music on the face of the earth.

So it's really hard to decide what my favourite outside of metal/rock is. Maybe electronica? Jazz? Blues?

I have no idea.
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12.05.2013 - 20:53
Mad Arab666
I like goth rock, psychedelic rock and I have a thing for New Age music otherwise I like the odd occasional song from different genres but I wouldn't consider myself a fan of those genres.
Bring up the wolves head!
22.09.2013 - 22:19
Frank Comstock
I love so many genres, but if I really had to choose specific genres, it would be Jazz, Classical, Hip-Hop, Pop Music (A la The Beatles), and Alternative/Indie in all of its myriad forms.
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23.09.2013 - 02:21
Jessie J
Pop, Punk, Post-Hardcore and Ambient.
10.10.2013 - 16:08
Angel N.
Evil Butterfly
Hmm I really like what Cocorosie plays,whatever genre it is.
The Fangirl.
28.07.2017 - 22:21
Baroque or Jazz fusion /& Bebop
hipster kid
12.02.2018 - 16:19
I'm from a black neighbourhood, this neighbourhood, and I've not seen a white boy with a guitar on a music poster here in my lifetime.
However, the local music scene is rocking and I grew up here.
My station, my roads, my everything, here; am like 'Hello?'

In 2015, I saw them filming this as I stepped out of the train station walking home fresh from work in my construction gear, I was on the phone to a good friend I knew from Soho at the time, and I said 'I don't know who they are, but look at their chains/bling'..
Turns out it was promoting Straight Outta Compton (2015) that movie there;
25.02.2018 - 12:52
Classical and Progressive
10.05.2018 - 20:07
Hip-hop, all the way. In fact, that's what I've been listening to for many months now while metal is on pause. I'm trying to get deeper into hip-hop, just like how it happened with metal a few years ago.

PS: You have some cool hip-hop to share? I'm all ears.
19.06.2018 - 00:32
Synthwave from France
24.07.2018 - 13:15
My favorite genre outside metal is dark folk, but in fact this style derives from black metal and post-punk.
Some instrumental dark folk music is really very similar to black metal rhythms and emotions.

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24.07.2018 - 23:47
Donkey Hotte
All kind of EDM or even all kinds of electronic music in general. Daft Punk will always be a top 10 of all time band for me for example.
I am not nor have I ever been a musician or a member of a one-man band, especially a band that has a name that starts with "D".
16.08.2018 - 10:14
very cute
16.08.2018 - 15:30
Synthwave (though the Synthwave I listen to nowadays is more metal influenced, i.e. Darksynth)
Ambient (usually Dark Ambient)
80s Goth Rock/Darkwave
No Wave
Celtic Folk
Celtic Punk
Hardcore/Crust Punk
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20.09.2018 - 10:58
Modern Classical, Post-Punk, Progressive Rock/Electronics, Dark Ambient, Experimental Hip Hop.. anything if music it's close enough with dense atmosphere, I'd love to listen to it.
08.01.2019 - 00:07
I love soul music, and power ballads, i know that it's really different from metal, but sometimes it releases something in me, kinda strange though

12.01.2019 - 00:29
I've actually been into a lot of Wave stuff since Darkwave can get pretty Metal and some Metal bands I dig implement Wave in their music (I.E. Abstract Void)
06.02.2019 - 13:01
I like alternative rock
Red Hot Chili Peppers - are my favorite.
15.02.2019 - 14:41
Written by Quatropus on 12.01.2019 at 00:29

I've actually been into a lot of Wave stuff since Darkwave can get pretty Metal and some Metal bands I dig implement Wave in their music (I.E. Abstract Void)

I don't think "wave" means much as such - it just indicates a movement of some sort (e.g. second wave of black metal). I didn't do any research, but I imagine it mostly comes from "New wave", which was at first mostly just a declaration of doing something different, and "No wave" as a deliberate reaction. I dunno, maybe Dark wave is from that same era, and clearly it has some post-punk roots, but I wouldn't exactly put Blondie, early Swans and Elend even into the same umbrella category. Random -wave microgenres, like vaporwave, don't seem to have any connection with New wave.