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Posted by The Alchemist on 22.03.2007 at 05:18
As opposite to the thread: the most difficult genre to get into, I'd be interesting to see your opinions on this issue.
Imo, getting into a genre deppends of the music we listen to, besides Metal and what we search in Metal, for example: I got really easy into Gothic Metal because I was interested in the dark side of music, life, art... and I got really interested in the gothic culture for some time.
So, imo, the easiest genre to get into would be Power or Heavy, I can't decide which is the easiest one

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Super Toaster

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  23.08.2014 at 10:04
From some reason I got into black metal super easily.
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From: Brazil

  23.08.2014 at 17:22
Me too. Started on black, gothic and death metal and later went to the more underground genres such as shoegaze, dark ambient and such stuff
Peole keep saying alternative, heavy, power and thrash are easier to get into but I still didn't manage to get into this stuff :3
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