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Posted by The Alchemist on 22.03.2007 at 05:18
As opposite to the thread: the most difficult genre to get into, I'd be interesting to see your opinions on this issue.
Imo, getting into a genre deppends of the music we listen to, besides Metal and what we search in Metal, for example: I got really easy into Gothic Metal because I was interested in the dark side of music, life, art... and I got really interested in the gothic culture for some time.
So, imo, the easiest genre to get into would be Power or Heavy, I can't decide which is the easiest one

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M C Vice

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  02.10.2014 at 07:28
Written by deadone on 02.10.2014 at 02:45

I tried and tried but in the end hated all of modern Black Metal bar Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir.

Try Obtained Enslavement. They sound like a cross between Dimmu and Emperor. Chthonic are a bit (I said a bit) like Cradle, mainly in the vocal department.
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  09.11.2015 at 10:34
Back to the root.

Traditional Heavy Metal.

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