Clouds (Tiamat) vs Lepaca Kliffoth (Therion)

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Which album is better according to you ?

Therion - Lepaca Kliffoth
Tiamat - Clouds

Total votes: 27
23.05.2006 - 16:43
Therion's Lepaca Kliffoth and Tiamat's Clouds are two strinkingly similar albums in the overall athmosphere, the vocals, and the way riffs are played. Both albums have a special strong feeling in them, and finally, both have the same slight death metal influence. (Although I don't consider them as Death Metal )

Lepaca Kliffoth has however varied musical influences (like all those oriental riffs) and is more enjoyable with time, this album does not run out of power after 5 songs, it's a constant flow of music.

Clouds is a little bit more soft, having some acoustic passages, vocals are less harsh. ( but still, they are similar in my opinion) And is more calm and wise.

I tend more toward Lepaca Kliffoth since it is more straight-forward and less passive than Clouds.
23.05.2006 - 17:09
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A most interesting poll!

I have voted for Lepaca Kliffoth merely because it is more diverese; incorporating more elements into it's over all sound. It just seems to have more grandeur than Clouds. It also seems to have been put together a little better. The flow between each song, start to finish, seems alot more thoughtful if you will.
23.05.2006 - 20:04
Yes, LK does have a constant flow from it's beginning until the end that I like a lot too.
25.05.2006 - 19:04
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I voted Therion .. They are allright whilst it is in my opinion that Tiamat is ... Well ... boring actually
26.05.2006 - 11:04
This thread isn't about Therion vs Tiamat, but the TWO ALBUMS listed.
28.05.2006 - 05:41
I think that this two albums aren't to similar, the truth is that I prefer LEpaca Kliffoth, it's quicker and the best Therion album I think, the lyrics from Clouds are even great...
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02.06.2006 - 07:32
Southern Wind
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I don't know other album with such dark feelings as "Clouds"... some of the most depressive stuff ever, by far their most simple album but at the same time my favourite... riffs are cold as ice, voice is desperate and it has the best Tiamat lyrics ("A Caress Of Stars", "The Sleeping Beauty" for example)... awesome album...

About Lepaca, I never caught its feeling... I don't know, I never was the biggest Therion fan but that album wasn't very strong for me.
02.06.2006 - 10:24
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Interesting and good poll,, BUT !!! ... IMO ...
Clouds is the best doom/death album of all time and Lepaca is the bridge album between Therion's symhonic/death (Symph. Masses, their first 2 are classic DM with an interesting feeling, but this is not the point now) and their symphonic/heavy era (Theli and later).. So I woudn't compare these that easy... But I see your point..
Anyway, I prefer Clouds... It has Tiamat's best lyrics, all 8 songs are faultless and.. it's pure genius..
02.06.2006 - 10:40
I still think those albums ca be compared for the reasons I stated before but also for the fact that they are the symbol of a transition era, they are the hybrid albums of both bands.
03.08.2006 - 00:27
Bad English
where are vote for bouth.
I like bouth albums, I even dont know witch musicicaly I like better, ok from Tiamat my fav are ''Wildhouney'' but Therion, I dont know witch
From those what you mentioned its hard to choose, but probobly I voote(Im not shore if I voote) for Tiamat, ebcause I like them lyrivs better!
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04.05.2008 - 14:03
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yes i like both bands too but its so easy to choose Clothes
10.03.2009 - 09:51
Similar albums?! is it a joke?
war is over if you want
26.11.2009 - 05:48
Wow... Well, I like both bands and actually LOVE Tiamat, and since I was always more into them, I have to go with Clouds. That is an amazing album.
30.11.2009 - 04:05
It's been a few years since I listened to Lepaca Kliffoth...I think I will put it in!

but yeah, I voted for Lepaca Kliffoth. That album is great! I do like the death metal influences as well.

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21.12.2009 - 09:22
Liver Failure
Wow! That's a good confrontation. I hate these two bands in their early years, and both Lepaca and Clouds kinda makes the marking point from when these bands became enjoyable to me.

Still, Clouds kicks Lepaca Kliffoth's ass. More good moments per minute during the listened

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