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From: UK

  24.05.2006 at 02:37
Entombed, a death metal band from Sweden are one of my personal favourites...

IMO their best albums are probably Candlestine and Left Hand Path... My favourite track is probably Supposed To Rot...
I prefer these two albums because over time theyre style changed....

What does everyone else think?
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  24.05.2006 at 09:19
I think they are an exceptional band. One of the first death metal bands i heard, and although i didnt like them at first, have come to fully appreciate their works, most notably Left Hand Path.

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From: Morocco

  24.05.2006 at 11:20
Left Hand Path owns. This dirty distortion does everything for me. However I'm not verrrry fond of Clandestine... I find it to be insipid compared to LHP.

@AZ : Anyway, the death'n'roll albums of Entombed aren't bad ! you gave a try to "DCLXVI - To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth" ? This album is just GREAT.
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  24.05.2006 at 12:48
I like the first albums.
Tho I would not call it Melodic Deth metal, It has the sound of melodic death metal but is isnt melodic death metal.

great band \m/

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From: Morocco

  24.05.2006 at 14:01
LHP is one of the most accurate definitions of Swedish Melodic Death Metal. What makes you think it isn't ?
Dark Millennium - Medina's Spell

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From: UK

  24.05.2006 at 15:16
When in Sodom" is the title cut off the band's new EP, due on June 6 via Threeman Recordings. A full-length album, "Serpent Saints", will follow on September 18.

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From: UK

  31.05.2006 at 17:46
i prefer the old entombed. Left Hand And Cladenstine Are There better stuff. The Wolverine Blues album was a weird change. ever since 1993 they have not been any where as good
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  31.05.2006 at 22:31
I for one love LHP and Clandestine, but also love Wolverine Blues and the later albums. Just superb, Stooges, Motörhead et al influenced rocking with death metal roots still audible. This band is one of my all-time favourites.

Plus, they have the most stylish t-shirts out there
Snake Eater

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From: USA

  03.06.2006 at 12:01
A really great old school act. I am not familiar with a lot of their work, but of what I have heard, I really enjoy their earlier more Death Metal material. Especially the stuff with the chainsaw guitars, as it was coined. It took me a while to actually like the sound, but after I did, I found the riffing to be really wicked. I really enjoy their 'Clandestine' album. A true classic of Death Metal.
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From: Cyprus

  03.06.2006 at 13:16
I love this band. One of the best bands in the Death Metal scene, especially their first albums. Clandestine is one of the best Death Metal albums ever made, no doubt about that. All instruments blend in perfectly and create a masterpiece. And I don't mind the vocals on Clandestine, even though other people think they're shit
Magere Tijn

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Age: 27
From: The Netherlands

  08.06.2006 at 21:23
i've seen them live at waldrock last year, and they're pretty good i intend to buy an album of them sometime, but i'm really short on cash, wich sucks '¬¬
God of Thunder and Retaliation are great songs

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From: USA

  08.06.2006 at 23:52
I enjoy LHP and Clandestine very much so. Clandestine may be my favorite of the two, but either way...it's good old school DM.
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  09.06.2006 at 00:40
@Magere Tijn, God of Thunder, as I understand, is a KISS cover by Entombed.

But are you guys telling me that no one likes Wolverine Blues? Some of the greatest shit ever put on record

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Age: 27
From: USA

  09.06.2006 at 01:08
Written by Guest on 09.06.2006 at 00:40

@Magere Tijn, God of Thunder, as I understand, is a KISS cover by Entombed.

But are you guys telling me that no one likes Wolverine Blues? Some of the greatest shit ever put on record

Actually, I've never heard it so I can't say whether I like it or not. Is it similar to LHP or Clandestine?
Hop Bomba

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Age: 43
From: Paraguay

  09.06.2006 at 02:30
I really enjoy "LHP" and "Clandestine" (I actually need a cd version of "LHP", my cassette version is mighty worn), and also liked their "Hollowman" EP. For some reason, I wasn't so big on "Wolverine's Blues" and haven't listened to anything they released after that album.
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From: UK

  09.06.2006 at 02:54
Written by BitterCOld on 09.06.2006 at 02:30

I really enjoy "LHP" and "Clandestine" (I actually need a cd version of "LHP", my cassette version is mighty worn)

Hehe, I can relate to that.. I only had Left Hand Path on cassette for many years, taped from someone's vinyl version of the album, but several months ago I picked up the reissue on CD...

Anyway, Clandestine is better IMO - I just think the songs are a lot more memorable. Nice use of movie speech samples as well like "there is no other god - Satan killed him!"

@Dream_of_Hate: Wolverine Blues isn't much like the earlier stuff. The band went sort of "death 'n' roll" with that release, and the vocals, although still raw and kind of growly, sometimes followed a sort of semi-melody line instead of just being growls/screams.
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  26.06.2006 at 14:18
There is no way you can re-make Entombed's Left Hand Path.
It must be the best death metal album next to Altars of Madness (Morbid Angel).
Well, anybody that don't have the CD or LP at home, buy it. You will not regret it.
Daru Jericho

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Age: 27
From: UK

  28.06.2006 at 04:26
I've only got Morning Star and Unreal Estate and I'm not too keen on the vocals. However, the music is good and the riffing is pretty catchy. It seems I need to check out Clandestine and Left Hand Path from reading the posts in this thread.
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Age: 31
From: Sweden

  09.07.2006 at 18:55
I enjoy them only firts 2 albums and maybe domo when thay call them selfs Nichilist, after then ehh I once saw them live in Riga, it was nothing special, probobly wasted money and night, but early albums and material about what is writen www.anus.com are great :bnager: early Entombet is great, but we know all best bands change sound
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  09.07.2006 at 19:04
Yup, theyre very good indeed
but theres something wrong when my favourite entombedrelease is a covercd

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Age: 36
From: Saudi Arabia

  11.07.2006 at 15:55
I liked all their earlly albums till Wolverine Blues which was one of their best albums IMO
I dont like their style now maybe if they stayed on the same direction I would have liked them more
But over all a good band and I consider them as pioneers

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From: Costa Rica

  22.07.2006 at 09:39
Yeah they are great. I prefer their old shit ,I don't knbow why all the new stuff decreases their level...
But great band ...
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Mr. Noise

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Age: 25
From: The Netherlands

  22.07.2006 at 12:21
Currently listening to Left Hand Path, it slays!!!
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Age: 27
From: USA

  22.07.2006 at 15:50
I've always prefered Clandestine over Left Hand Path for some reason, not sure why....I just do.

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Age: 30
From: USA

  31.07.2006 at 08:02
Entombed's Death 'n Roll is fucking killer. I bought Inferno a while ago, and it is good. I really should listen to their Death Metal albums sometime, though.
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  08.08.2006 at 02:20
An amazing band indeed. IMO their best albums are "Clandestine" and "Wolverine Blues", it's really sad that Andersson has left the band, but i heard something about a possible reunion. Also the new EP (When In Sodom) is really great.
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Age: 44
From: Finland

  08.08.2006 at 03:44
Best death metal band ever no question about that. I saw this band on stage 1992 and they blew up the crowd
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  08.08.2006 at 20:46
i think morning star is their best album, but the best song is retalliation. entombed is a really really great band... i havent got the chance to see them live yet, but i will take the first chance i get...
Retired Staff

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Age: 30
From: Belgium

  22.08.2006 at 10:47
Entombed - New Song Added To MySpace :

Candlelight Records today has added "Carnage" from Entombed's EP "When In Sodom" set for US release November 14 to the label's official MySpace page.
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Account deleted
  10.09.2006 at 18:25
Never checked out this band before. I think I'll just go with their first album to start with, as it seems that they changed a lot over the course of years following that particular release, judging from the replies I read here.

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