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25.05.2007 - 17:10
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Cyhiriaeth is a Folk/Black Metal from Madrid, Spain, founded by Jarleth (drums) and Antubel (guitars) in June 2000. Their lyrics focus mainly on Iberian Paganism, i.e. remembering and supporting Iberian pre-Roman, pre-Catholic traditions and culture. Their current line-up includes:

V. Ares: Vocals
Nehalennia: Bagpipe & flutes
Antubel: Guitars
Jarleth: Drums and backing vocals
Vaelico: Bass and backing vocals
Hermod: Guitars

According to their official website, their first release, Warchants From The Woods (2006) was a compilation of the three demos they had recorded before:

"Iberian Heathen Chants" (2003)
1. Intro
2. Premonition of Crows
3. Sons of the Honourless God
4. Laying in the Shadows
5. Through the Melancholy Forest
"Into the Nemeton" (2001)
6. ...And the Vultures Will Carry My Soul
7. Nimidi Fiduenearum
"Following the Wind's Path" (2000)
8. Intro / The Path
9 . The Wanderer
10 . Falling & Rising

In late 2004, the band entered the studio to record what would be their first full-length album, Lands of Ancient Cult, released in 2006 by Blood Fire Death Productions.

The new songs have some more folk elements, but a lot of furious Black Metal too. A perfect mix of Iberian traditional music and Black Metal.

Source: Cyhiriaeth MySpace page

1. Intro
2. In the Eternal Night
3. Dark Pagan Howls
4. Heathen Iberia [<---- my favourite Cyhiriaeth song for now]
5. Werewolves of Lug
6. In the Darkness of Nemeton
7. Interlude
8. Enobolicus
9. The Track Back to the Ancient Ones
10. The Arrival of Gods Death

Official Cyhiriaeth website:
Cyhiriaeth on MySpace:

Personal comment: You have to check them! If they have managed to catch the attention of such a Black Metal hater as me, you can bet that you will love this young Pagan Metal band at least as much as you love Moonsorrow or Arkona!
26.05.2007 - 21:17
Bad English
I know them its IMO awsoem band and best in gerne in Spain, somehgow thay remaind me Scandinavia or German Pagan BM band such good quality, such lyrics such atmosfere, good band
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

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26.05.2007 - 22:54
It sounds grand...I had a glance at the song titles and I had some merry recognizing experiences....Werewolves of Lug....well...I'm pleased to see Celtic culture represented in metal again....good that modern day Romance peoples remind their roots...Lug was the father of Cúchuláinn......I want to check them soon....
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