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Which band is better?

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum2

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Dane Train
Beers & Kilts

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From: USA

  13.06.2007 at 21:57
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Unexpect are both outstanding Avent-Garde Metal bands with an extreme side to them. With similar sound and style, who does it best?

For me, I have to go with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. While Unexpect has more music out, the songs by SGM stand out more. And when it comes to being Progressive and Avent-Garde, I think Sleepytime Gorilla Museum does it better. If Tom Waits and Devin Townsend had a clone baby, it would be Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.
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From: The Netherlands

  05.07.2007 at 20:03
Same for me. I like SGM more because they're a bit more original, although I really like both bands. They both have outstanding songs. But with SGM having their own-made instruments, there won't be another band that will ever sound even close to them.
And I just love Carla Khilstedts violin playing and singing.
Vitriolic Hate
Chaos Reaper

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From: Greece

  31.05.2009 at 19:13
I go for Unexpect,I like them more Chaoth's 9-stringed bass owns also Leilindel is goddess!!!!
Bad English

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From: Sweden

  31.05.2009 at 19:52
Fist band I found in MA but Sleepytime Gorilla Museum have you some links whit smaples?
I wanna hear it
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  31.05.2009 at 21:30


There you go.

I think they're awesome!
But then again Unexpect is great too.
Whispering Gloom

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From: Czech Republic

  17.09.2009 at 19:16
I saw their show last year in Prague and it was absolutely breathtaking.
SGM also plays good and interesting music but I didn't get into it.

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From: Australia

  27.07.2010 at 07:19
SlGM is great, but i just dont get the same feeling as i do from Unexpect, you know the feeling of being fucked in the ear by a giant fish whilst taking hallucinagens so the giant fish looks like a giant elephant, while eating a cello. And i need that in an extreme avant garde band.
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