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Whitch band you like more of thease?

Grave Digger40
Running Wild27
Risk/Faithful Breath1

Total votes: 136

The original post

Posted by Bad English on 09.07.2007 at 20:25
Please dont edd and vote about German Power Metal bands like Edguy, Freedome Call, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Black Abyss, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior...and please dont vote about hard rock bands like Scorpions, Axxes, Digger and such bands

X-Wild - Its awsome band I had 2 albums and I realy enjoy them good mix of speed bands in that music are something of ewery German heavy metal band, ealy ist so old school band, shame its not know well

Running Wild - We all know that band its awsome and one of legendary GHM bands ewer even first albums are more ''TrOO'' then thay change style more to epic but thos elyrics are great and amazing, I like this band specely Under Golly Roger

Grave Digger - Its lil lyricaly German Iron Maiden, such epic stories and such good qiuality melodies, hard n heavy yeah I like early works and 90ties works uswell and last album are great and so heavy and powerfull hehehe Archives of Medeval History

Rage/Avenger - We all know them but in this poll please about early Rage and Avenger it calls band before thay change name to Rage and I love more Avenger how Rage good powerfull guitar works and damn heavy and powerfull band, leither Rage has changed somehow

Risk/Faithful Breath - Risk are great heavy/speed band from 80ties and ist good old school attitude and Faithful Breath wa sband name in 60ties its more hard rock, but we all know Risk and speed fans woud love it


Atlain - Maybe in guitar sounds thay has no diference, how other bands and specely Avenger, but thay had recordet only 2 albums and then disapeare and only rear of us know them, but ist important part of hsitory band who in early 80ties can play heavy like Grave Digger in 'Tunes of War'

Sinner(Early) - I can not tell much about them ,better ask Baz Anderson, but this is historical band

Headhunter - Werry rear band realy rear I had hera only one tape of them ''Parody of Life'' ist all, my friend still has it

My vote goes to X-Wilk because ist one of first bands whjat I listen read about them in X-Wild tread here

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Bad English

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  12.01.2016 at 14:36
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  06.07.2016 at 01:14
Gamma Ray, perhaps.

This is a very tough question!

Many, many fine German metal bands to choose from!

Blind Guardian, Helloween, Vanden Plas...

Too many to list.

Food for thought.
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