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18.07.2007 - 07:18
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Germain Power Metal from Hamburg, conformed by: In the Vocals Andy Frank (Brainstorm), Lead-Guitars Cedric C. Dupond (ex-Freedom Call), Markus Pohl Guitars (Mystic Prophecy), Dennis Wohlbold Bass and Steffen Theurer Drums (ex-Chinchilla). They have 6 works :

Symphorce Discography :
1999 - Truth To Promises
2000 - Sinctuary
2002 - PhorcefulAhead
2004 - Twice Second
2005 - Godspeed
2007 - Become Death
21.07.2007 - 09:32
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These guys are okay, in my opinion the first three albums are worth listening to, and the last three are just average at best (nothing too special). I prefer Brainstorm (even Liquid Monster was ok! Ambiguity was great!). This one guy put it exact I think, saying that anything Andy B. Franck touches is meant for mediocrity. He's got a great voice, but other than Ambiguity he hasn't done anything with either band that is THAT good.
15.05.2008 - 10:12
Jason W.
While I do like a couple of tracks off of "Become Death," to me, "Godspeed" is really the only CD I listen to from Symphorce. The focus on "Godspeed" aimed toward huge hooks and the vocals just seem to soar above catchy melodies, with an emotional somberness that's rare in this type of music. I honestly feel the pain longing, the desire, and the angst in songs like "Nowhere" and "Wounds Will Cast Within" ! I really wasn't impressed with anything before 2005, and it really surprised me how much I enjoyed "Godspeed" from the first moment I listened to it.

Their last year disc is a very good one too, but treads in a direction that is less appealing to me, and just doesn't have the huge production and crisp vocal melodies that "Godspeed" has. A lot of my older friends who love 80s metal really enjoyed "Godspeed" because of its slick production, and I only wish they could have captured it again. But, ahh well, it's always interesting to me how many bands I enjoy mainly because of one specific release in their discography, and it seems that Symphorce may be one of those bands.
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30.07.2009 - 20:24
Southern Wind
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The slowness and middle-of-the-road songwriting of this band makes me dislike them... they're not exactly a heavy metal desaster but I just never feel the urge for listening to them.
30.07.2009 - 21:08
Love these guys, but I don't listen to them too often. Become Death was a great CD; I have all of their stuff except Phorceful Ahead, which I'm still looking for. I want info on a new album.

I'm kind of surprised they aren't more popular, or at least haven't had a live CD or DVD yet given how many albums they've put out...
31.07.2009 - 03:13
Kap'N Korrupt
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Symphorce are very generic to say the least...they're a great band though it's just that they aren't original at all...I'm sure they'd be a great act to see though because they give the power metal fans what they want...