Drammagothica - gothic metal from Italy

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17.05.2006 - 03:34
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Drammagothica, italian gothic metal band (in which I play keyboards), released their first EP 'Inver No', in download for free from the official website www.drammagothica.it

Tracklist is the following:
1. Inver No
2. The Lost Soul Echos
3. The Allegory of Sadness
4. The Oblivion's Cradle

waitin' for comments ...
08.02.2007 - 01:16
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Actually the link doesn't work properly... The tracks are good... I could say you have perspectives... but it sounds a bit underground and I don't like this feeling... Also consider the case to sing in clean male vocals, since the existing sound a bit weird and destroy the whole image of the good music in the songs...
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19.02.2008 - 00:20
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Drammagothica released their first album 'IRA' in January 2008.
This is the tracklist:

01 Ex tenebris oritur obscuritas
02 Canticum morti
03 Last breath
04 Void
05 The oblivion's cradle
06 The lost soul echoes
07 Anger in pity
08 Her ghost
09 Drama & Pathos

mp3 samples avaiable on the official website (www.drammagothica.it) and on myspace of the band (www.myspace.com/drammagothica). It is also possible to buy it online
20.02.2008 - 21:19
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You could add complete songs in your MySpace, so that people would see the whole picture of your music. It sounded good, the co-operation with the female vocals and growlings made it interesting, but it still lacks some originality. Otherwise really good and enjoyable.