Ikuinen Kaamos

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01.09.2007 - 09:17
Eternal Flames
Ikuinen Kaamos is a progressive black/death metal band from Finland, similar to the music of Opeth. They originally began as a black metal act before evolving into a fusion of genres such as doom, death, black classical and prog. So far they have only one full release under their belt entitled "The Forlorn" and an upcoming album due to be released in late 2007/early 2008 entitled "Epilogue".

You can check out a few songs and samples at their myspace site.
Ikuinen Kaamos Offical Website
Ikuinen Kaamos Myspace

Their debut album "The Forlorn" is some incredible progressive death/black metal. Consisting of only 5 tracks and coming in at 53 minutes, it's truly a work of art. While the songs are quite long (over the 10 minute mark, or close to 10 minutes) at no point do they seem boring or repetitive. The acoustic passages and interludes throughout the album are beautiful and when contrasted with the extreme riffs throughout the album, it just shines.

I really recommend Ikuinen Kaamos to any fans of Ulver, Agalloch or Opeth.

Anyway, for those of you who have heard them, what are your thoughts and opinions of this band?
01.09.2007 - 19:42
Hmm, got me interested, gonna check them out.
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me too
23.04.2010 - 01:12
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Has anyone heard the new album? If it's anything like the 'The Forlorn' is should be worth hearing.