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  09.09.2007 at 23:26
Steel Scream - New wave of British Heavy Metal

Steel Scream was formed in Estonia in late 2004 when Veiko '' Veiks '' Krais, Eero '' Speed '' Annus and Margo '' Bump '' Pajuste formed a band named '' Force Supreme ''. In the late 2005 '' Force Supreme '' got a singer Mihkel '' Blitzkrieg '' Ollo. And thus the base of '' Steel Scream '' was formed. In the early 2006 Tauno '' Tauks '' Napritson filled the spot of lead-guitar. The name '' Steel Scream '' was taken in use shortly after Tauks joined the band. The band has been very sucessful, claiming many prizes and good reviews. The band has a homepage (Http://www.steelscream.eu) with 2 songs to listen.The style of this band is strictly heavy metal (NWOBHM to be exact) due to the lack of it in Estonia lately.The album '' Lock 'n Load and get Ready '' is due to be released in early 2008.

Links and Facts:

Homepage: Http://www.steelscream.eu
Location: Estonia, Tallinn
Style/Genre: Metal, Heavy, Thrash
Age: 1.5 years

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  18.09.2007 at 14:08
To the people living in Estonia,

Next Gig will be on the 6th of October in Bikers pub
Also playing there are:
RockCrime (EST) - Hard Rock
Metro Luminal (EST) - ? Punk i suppose
Lord TJ

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  11.10.2007 at 20:08
Written by Guest on 09.09.2007 at 23:26

Steel Scream - New wave of British Heavy Metal

And you said you guys are from Estonia?
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Mr. Noise

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  11.10.2007 at 21:51
It's a genretag, like Gothenburg.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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Heaven Knight

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  11.10.2007 at 22:46
think that he knows well...and that he was just kidding
Na naa na naa na na naa na na naa
The nightmare shall be over now
There's nothing more to fear
Na naa na naa naa na naa na na naa
Come join in our singing
And dance with us now

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  19.10.2007 at 00:58
Hehe - The gig went well, was fun

Allright people, next news:

Steel Scream is currently in the studio working on it's album which is due to be released somewhere in the Next year - keep your eyes open!

So, what do you guys think about our band ?
I'd like to read some criticism etc.!
Account deleted
  16.11.2007 at 13:48
Update 16.11.07 / 13:45pm.

Steel Scream has updated it's homepage!
There is one more sample you can listen to (Spitfire!).

We are currently in the studio doing everything we can to speed up the progress. So far everything is going very well and smoothly.The new song(s) sound excellent and flawless.

I'll keep you guys updated on the latest events/news/changes.

Account deleted
  25.11.2007 at 19:20
Update 25.11.07 / 19:19 PM.

Steel Scream's next gig is on the 28th of December 2007, in Tallinn, Rockstars.
The event is called Black Sabbath Day, and also taking the stage is Plekksaapad!

Dane Train
Beers & Kilts

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  27.11.2007 at 06:18
Written by Lord TJ on 11.10.2007 at 20:08

Written by Guest on 09.09.2007 at 23:26

Steel Scream - New wave of British Heavy Metal

And you said you guys are from Estonia?

Yeah, well Cradle of Filth is tr00 Norwegian Black Metal, so these guys could be part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal back in the 1970's...?
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Account deleted
  27.11.2007 at 17:05
Yes, everybody gets it allready, mates !
Our genre is NWOBHM!

So please, more criticism for the music !

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