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From: Bahamas

  10.09.2007 at 04:43
Hail to you all Msers! I present to you an Old School German Thrash Metal band [who are somewhat obscure]. They are Living Death !

here's their myspace:


anyone familiar with them? / like them? and so on.....
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  10.09.2007 at 05:25
I believe I first heard of them when their lead singer made a guest appearance on the Desaster song 'Metalized Blood'. I heard his voice and he has a power metal tone. I should check them out some time, but not right now, because it's bedtime where I live.
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Age: 31
From: Sweden

  10.09.2007 at 15:05
Good band, I know them good old school German Thrash band awsoem band I know 3 albums
Metal Revolution
Back to the Weapons
Protected from Reality

Awsome realy good damn thats why I lsiten thrash hehe
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Posts: 7383

Age: 27
From: Bahamas

  13.09.2007 at 01:12
@k7: Living Death are reason you into Thrash? how odd lol

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Age: 26
From: USA

  16.09.2007 at 07:40
I've been after "Protected From Reality" for awhile now, what to get it soon. I have read that it is a superb album, with some progressive moments.

Intestinally Punctured Smurf

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Age: 27
From: Bahamas

  18.12.2007 at 04:14
and they have the word 'metal' in like 5 of their songs .
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido

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Age: 30
From: Mexico

  07.01.2008 at 00:56
"Protected From Reality is the only album i have from them, the sound is amazing! Even when the production is very poor, it transport me to the 80's thrash metal scene. Great to find a topic about this amazing band!

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