Favourite punk band

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Posted by , 27.09.2007 - 03:50
alright,welcome to my punk thread.first of all,people need to make more punk threads.

anyway,i need to know your favourite punk bands and why.And i dont want to hear stories of the lame AFI kids or the fall out boy kids.

My favourite band is tough,but right now it has to be bad religion.They've been a band for around 25 years,and still writing rad music.I love their music,and especially their deep lyrics,which are associated with social issues,religion,and politics.they seemed to get better when they reunited in 2002 to make "the process of beleif".And their new album is very good as well.Well punkers,now its your turn.
19.01.2016 - 23:32
When it comes to punk I'm mostly into early-80's American bands. Favourites include:
Black Flag
Bad Brains
Husker Du
Minor Threat
Last FM
29.03.2016 - 06:47
Bad Brains is my favourite punk band.

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14.01.2017 - 22:53
I'm into my older punk mainly, the highlights of which include X-Ray Spex, Discharge, Sex Pistols and Crass to name a few.
15.01.2017 - 03:53
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