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Posted by Clintagräm on 03.06.2006 at 00:23
As I sit here and listen to most likely the greatest band of all time I notice that there isn't a topic for them, so I decided to make one. Manowar are a band that you must love, and if you don't, you're gay. Haha, seriously though. They make some wicked music, though pompous, they deserve to be, I mean, they are the KINGS OF METAL. I do enjoy their upbeat attitude, killer riffing, and Eric Adams god like vocals. Very manly. I would call them Heavy Metal (or moreover, Traditional Metal) than anything, but they do have some Speed and Power Metal tendencies every now and then. Any fans?

And remember kids, while other bands play - Manowar kill.

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From: Canada

  05.08.2016 at 08:35

Kill our fierce death
Kill your honor against the brave glory
The gods ride my hammer
The gods burn my sword with honor
They fight our sword
We feel all the power

Behold all the fire
Ride all the mighty steel and master
Behold all the fire
Kill the metal with wind

Attack our heavy battle
We attack your battle
Ride our heavy steel against the power without bloody power
Hail horse and sword

Behold all the fire
Behold all the fire
Behold all the fire
Behold all the fire


I'm getting mixed messages here. Kill the metal with wind? According to Manowar heavy metal will never die. Great song up until that.

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From: Peru

  08.08.2016 at 07:07

Feel their brave fire and metal
Kill the steel without warrior with hammer
Fight our bloody sword against the power
Ride our kings and the blood
Feel our wind and horse
Behold my strong horse and victorious sword

I fight the metal and proud warrior
They kill my honor against the fierce warrior
I fight the metal and proud warrior
They kill their bloody blood

Ride bloody hammer
Attack the heavy kings
Fight your steel
Ride our screaming death against the power

I fight the metal and proud warrior
I fight the metal and proud warrior
I fight the metal and proud warrior
I fight the metal and proud warrior
I'm derp.
The Batlord

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From: USA

  14.08.2016 at 21:56
I've only become a Manowar junkie in the last couple years, but fuck me have I been converted. Battle Hymns, Into Glory Ride, and Hail to England were legitimately creative heavy/power metal with a sound that was original as hell. And even when they were settling into a self-parodying groove with their later albums they were still a barrel of fun more often than not. I don't deny that they're kinda crap, are probably borderline retarded, and don't really know how to write songs (why oh why did they ever try "Achilles"?) but they're just so much fun that I'd rather listen to them over 99% of bands with more "talent".
Bands that suck: Dream Theater, Dragonforce, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, the folk rock half of Led Zeppelin, 99% of thrash metal bands from the turn of the century, Mumford & Sons, any death metal band influenced by Necrophagist.

That is all for now.
Alt rocker

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  16.08.2016 at 14:39
I've only ever taken a mild interest in Manowar. When I first discovered them, I thought they were a really fun tongue-in-cheek band and I sort of went along with their music and attitudes. I mean, I love artists, who aren't afraid to wink at the audience as in: "We know this is silly, you know this is silly, but it's so damn fun, let's pretend it's serious, eh?" Unfortunately however, it has become pretty clear to me in recent years that they aren't all that tongue-in-cheek and are actually arrogant as hell. It's difficult for me to believe this, but I think they (especially DeMaio) actually think they are THE kings of metal, which they obviously are not and never have been.

Yeah, yeah, I know, somewhere out there there's a Manowar fan or several reading this comment shaking their head and thinking: "He'll never be a warrior with that attitude!"

You got me there.
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  09.09.2016 at 00:15
Manowar is pretty good. I like a big majority of their albums. It's nice to know they'll fiercely defend heavy metal like warriors. But Joey is an arrogant dick. I don't like him too much. Compares Manowar to Maiden and Metallica.

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