Killing Joke: Self Titled vs Hosannas

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Which of these two later albums are better?

Killing Joke (Self Titled)
Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell

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03.06.2006 - 18:37
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As most of us will know, Killing Joke reformed in 2002 to record their second eponymous album, which was eventually released in 2003. Main themes included American president George Bush's war on terror and the invasion of Iraq; much of the lyrical content relates to themes of government control and eventual armageddon, be it man-made or otherwise.

Now, as from April 2006, we have Hosannas from the Basements of Hell -the second release 'midst what can be seen as not only the reformation of the band; but the new era. The sound in many ways is similar, but in an equall many ways, quite different.

Although, so far, I still prefer Killing Joke to the latest release, the band have obviously progressed immensley with this new sound. The take on melody is profound, indeed; progress seems to be the name of the game here. Both music and vocals have come so far, and the lyrical themes, well; they are still some of the most thought provoking around.

What then is your favorite of these two releases, fellow metalstormer?

05.06.2006 - 04:52
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I'll go with the self titled as it was a great influence for the music industry and it's a great album. Also I haven't listened to the last one. Btw what Killing Joke self titled do you mean, as they have 2?
06.06.2006 - 18:11
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The whole of my opening post tells you which one.

What would be the point in comparing their first self-titled to the latest release? I mean, other than to show the chronological change in sound.