Johan Liiva vs Angela Gossow?

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Posted by BurbotsRevenge, 05.11.2007 - 08:46
I saw Arch Enemy live the other day, and it had me and my mate thinking, "Whcih Arch Enemy singer is better?" I was genuinly interested to ind out what people thought. And I knew exactly where to go to find out: Metalstorm! So what do YOU think?

I personally think Angelina, as her growls are far more suited to the Arch Enemy music, and she adds a lot more to the overall monster that is Arch Enemy


Which Arch Enemy singer do you prefer?

Angela Gossow
Johan Liiva

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07.11.2009 - 09:40
Angelic Storm
Written by Haddonfield on 07.11.2009 at 03:22
Burning Bridges is a good album, but I feel they lacked something before, and I don't it was just Liiva, they become more crisp making the harmonies sound close to perfect.

I think what I love about that album, is it has some of the rawness of the first two albums, with some of the crisper, perfect sounding harmonies of the Angela Gossow albums. In actual fact, for me, Arch Enemy has always been far more about the guitars of Michael and Chris Amott than about the vocalist. "Burning Bridges" probably has the most overtly mainstream melodies of all their albums. Yet it opens with arguably their most brutal ever song "The Immortal". To me, that album just has a certain magic, that the previous albums and the later albums lacked. "Wages Of Sin" is just an amazingly consistent album, not a single duff track, and definitely my second fave Arch Enemy album! The first two albums with Johan I found to be very patchy, but contain some great tracks. I do prefer Johan's vocals, even though I have no problem with Angela's. I just love Arch Enemy!
07.11.2009 - 23:53
I certainly think that Angela is much better suited for Arch Enemy. The few tracks I have heard with Johan I really didn't like whatsoever, not the music mind you, but the vocals- I thought they were terrible. I will also give it to Angela (as well as the rest of Arch Enemy) she really knows how to get the crowd in the mood and involved- she has a lot of energy on stage. Everyone in the band has incredible showmanship and talent.
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09.11.2009 - 06:18
Liiva. I don't think Angela suits their music and i don't really like her growls..
03.04.2011 - 23:51
Angela Gossow
11.12.2012 - 15:04
I prefer Johan Liiva cuz...angela..well he grwols very well,she has talent but first time i heard pilgrim nand bury me an angel from johan liiva..i thought..that is awesome sauce!
I compared both songs with the songs from the album "root of all evil" where angela gossow sangs the songs of i compare it... Result: angela is maybe a good growler but! Johan liiva makes it much more with intensive!