King Diamond vs Mercyful Fate

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Posted by Dreamwar_86, 08.11.2007 - 21:32
King Diamond is a legend and their 2 bands are awesome but what do you think is best

King Diamond for me i just love every single album specially fatal portrait,abigail,conspiracy
and house of god

i think its much more melodic and the guitar solos are better and the voice following the riffs its awesome

King Diamond Rules!!!


wich King Diamond Project You Prefer

Mercyful Fate
King Diamond

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19.07.2014 - 00:32
Mercyful Fate for me. The to first albums are that great!
01.03.2015 - 06:39
To me, this is WIN/WIN. Both are fantastic. But, King Diamond I am more familiar with, my favorites are of this band, I enjoy the Diamond/LaRocque style even more than Mercyful Fate. Is important to note, both bands are top of food chain METAL.