Traders: The Good And The Bad

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Posted by Lucas, 10.11.2007 - 00:41
With the addition of the collection, wish and tradelist I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we can all share our experiences with trades we've had. If someone has doubts about a certain user's credibility he might find an answer to his question here. So if all of you who has participated in a trade could post some comments here, I shall all edit them into this first message. I will add the user who has given the feedback (positive or negative) so everyone knows where they can find details. Please be reasonable with your comments: haven't received anything in a week? You might want to wait a bit longer, we all live far away from each other. Also don't whine if someone can only send it next week - we all have lives.

If you are reported here in this thread but have changed your username, post it here or send me a PM so your information can be adjusted!

The Good:
1x BloodTears (feedback left by iaberis)
4x BurbotsRevenge (feedback left by Dr.Rock, iaberis, Stigma, Stigma)
1x Dark Cornatus (feedback left by iaberis)
2x Dr.Rock (feedback left by Lucas, BurbotsRevenge)
5x iaberis (feedback left by BurbotsRevenge, BloodTears, Oracle, Dark Cornatus, Stigma)
1x Marcel H. (feedback left by Lucas)
3x Lucas (feedback left by Queen Of Hippies, Dr.Rock, Marcel H.)
1x Oracle (feedback left by iaberis)
1x Queen Of Hippies (feedback left by Lucas)
3x Stigma (feedback left by BurbotsRevenge, iaberis, BurbotsRevenge)

Before the days of the tradelist:
3x -tom- (feedback left by Lucas (2x), Zombie M.D.)
2x Lucas (feedback left by -tom-)
1x Zombie, M.D. (feedback left by -tom-)

The Bad:
09.02.2008 - 16:16
Mr. Noise
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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