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Gamma Ray: Favourite Album

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Posted by Baz Anderson, 06.06.2006 - 20:55
I am a massive fan of Kai Hansen and Gamma Ray, it disappoints me some times how little Gamma Ray fans there seem to be compared to Blind Guadian or Edguy for example.
Kai Hansen is pretty much the 'godfather' of power metal - yet his band doesnt get much recognition, at least it doesnt seem to from here.
So seeing as there isnt a Gamma Ray thread yet, post any opinions you have of Gamma Ray in here as well.

But which is your favorite album? I always ask myself that question and I never get an answer.
'No World Order' 'Powerplant' Somewhere Out In Space' 'Insanity & Genius' and 'Heading For Tomorrow' are all favorites of mine!
I think 'Majestic' was definatly their weakest album though, which isnt a good sign. it is still a good album, but nothing compared to the rest.

'No World Order' as a very good consistency about it, but 'Powerplant' was the second Gamma Ray album i heard as well.
I loved the early Gamma Ray, maybe more then the current Gamma Ray - they had a more traditional heavy metal sound and Ralf Scheepers (now Primal Fear) was singing.
So if I have to pick one album for my favorite, I think it has to be 'Insanity And Genius' - which isnt an album I hear a lot about from other people - so it will be interesting to see where everyones elses votes go.
songs like 'No Return' and 'Last Before The Storm' are just fantastic though - just a read of the title gets the song in your head.

So let me know what you all think! Thanks!


Which do you prefer?

Land Of The Free
No World Order
Somewhere Out In Space
Heading For Tomorrow
Insanity And Genius
Sigh No More

Total votes: 117
02.03.2012 - 01:47
It's been a long time since I actively listened to Gamma Ray. Tried it yesterday, didn't work. >_>

Still, Heading For Tomorrow is pretty good. Got my vote. Second favorite is No World Order, the first I got from them.
02.03.2012 - 11:45
I always considered No World Order to be very underrated, it stands out for me as it's more heavy than power metal and their last album that seemed really inspired. Glad people here like it.
"We are blind to the world within us, waiting to be born"
29.10.2012 - 20:55
Dead Eternity
I voted for Somewhere Out In Space, but sometimes I prefer Powerplant or maybe Land Of The Free, can't decide between them