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Megadeth vs. Metallica


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Posted by -Valhalla- on 07.06.2006 at 03:18
Megadeth and Metallica have been trying to out do eachother for years. Dave Mustaine was an Ex-Metallica guitarist, and made Megadeth to show that he doesn't need metallica. Metallica the more popular of the two, cut thier hair, and sold out, touring with bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizcuit. Meanwhile, Megadeth's still going strong. Who's better? Would you rather go to see live?

In my opinion Megadeth is the better of the two. Metallica is a bunch of fatheads who have sucked balls since Ride The Lightning. Megadeth still sounds great, and has the Gigantour going, while Metallica is busy filming their next documentary about, whiney disagreements, and how the band is falling apart.

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From: USA

  18.09.2014 at 04:31
Eh, Metallica I guess, because James Hetfield is a better singer, though despite being a shitty singer Dave Mustaine can bring some intense stuff vocally. I will say Megadeth generally has better instrumentation, but Metallica has plenty of good songs as well, and I'm not a huge fan of thrash anyway so I don't really care.
Account deleted
  18.09.2014 at 16:33
LoL, ok... I accept that's not been the best comment ever... It's just that compared to the last Metallica albums, Megadeth's are 'better' albums... They try to keep the same style (except by Risk and all those you said)... IMO, I think Megadeth's first 5 albums are a lilttle better than Metallica's first 5 albums...

Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 18.09.2014 at 02:01

Written by Guest on 17.09.2014 at 22:25

Megadeth keeps the same 'magic'...

Risk, World Needs Another Hero, Cryptic Writings, Youthanasia, Super Collider. All terribad albums as well.
John Sandman

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Age: 25
From: Portugal

  01.12.2014 at 01:51
I love both bands but these days I listen a lot more to Megadeth than Metallica.

So Megadeth.

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From: Peru

  01.12.2014 at 03:48
I'll stick with Metallica. Sure they sold-out releasing crappy music for the masses, but then again, Megadeth did that too. Ride The Lightning is my favorite thrash metal album of all time, and also, the best album I've ever heard from the 80's
I'm derp.

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From: Canada
  03.12.2014 at 05:30
Could never really sell myself on Megadeth. Just one of those bands like Anthrax that I could never stand, though the personalities involved played no small part in that. Not too say Metallica are any better in that respect, but at least I enjoyed their first two. That said I've never been much of a Metallica fan either.

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  04.01.2015 at 03:51
I too, could never get into Megadeth or Anthrax. So of course, I voted Metallica. I mostly like Metallica's Heavy metal material (...and justice, black album) much more than their early Bay Area Thrash stuff, I don't really like Bay Area Thrash, it's just honestly my personal taste.
The Nothingth

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From: Belgium

  04.01.2015 at 18:44
I like them both about equally. They both released some amazing albums, and they both released some terrible albums. I guess the one thing Metallica has over Megadeth is still being a good live band. I saw both bands multiple times and Mustaine's vocals were usually horrible and there's just nothing going on on stage, whereas Metallica actually look like they're having a blast and still perform most of the songs decently.
There was no grand design
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No absolutes, no given truths
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The Nothingth

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From: Belgium

  05.01.2015 at 02:02
Written by deadone on 05.01.2015 at 01:03

I saw Megadeth in 2009 and they were awesome live. Mustaine's vocals were good too. Same gig had Slayer and Tom Araya lost his vocals completely and Slayer played pretty much an instrumental set.

Metallica were better when I saw them live but not by any great margin.

I also saw them in 2009 or 2008 and Mustaine's vocals were decent, but every other time after that they sucked ass. Also, Shawn Drover is the most soulless drummer ever.

Although I guess that's still better than Lars Ulrich hitting half of the shit he's supposed to.
There was no grand design
To get to this point
No absolutes, no given truths
We were not carved in stone

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