4.5 - Submitting lineup and artist info

  • Make sure the artist isn't already featured, before adding a new one! Multiple profiles for the same artist are a pain in the ass.

  • If a musician has been in the band for more than one period of time (departed and then came back), please add him twice, for both periods.

  • If there was a lineup change and a long break until a spot was filled, read up on old news whether guests or tour musicians jumped in during studio sessions or gigs (live musicians).

  • If in doubt whether a musician was a 'studio' or 'guest' one, Guest musicians are usually rather famous persons (most often, vocalists) from other bands, brought in for a couple of songs. Studio musicians usually play on all/most album songs, and fill in for a missing instrument.

  • Nicknames and pseudonyms should be entered in this way - Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho.

  • Additional information can be submitted in artist profiles - picture, biography, official website, birth date.

  • If the musician has other bands or projects as well, don't hesitate to add those - go his profile and click 'Add bands'. If you don't know when exactly he joined or left those, put 0000 as the year.