A sonic metal assault that leaves audiences pumped with adrenaline, Detroit's BATTLECROSS triumphantly return as one of the true champions of American Heavy Metal with their devastating sophomore release, War of Will. Co-Produced at Audiohammer Studios with famed producers Mark Lewis and Eyal Levi, the sophomore effort from Detroit's newest soldiers of steel will soon prove as one of the most impressive follow-up releases , destined to become a heavy metal classic for fans of all sub-genres. "War of Will triggers a strange Deja Vu while feeling completely brand new" says Levi.

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Reasons Behind

The Reasons Behind project was born in 2010 from the ashes of a gothic metal cover band (After Forever, Within Temptation, etc.). In April 2012 we self published our debut EP Ouverture, receiving many good reviews from Italian and foreign press (Ravenheart music, Femme Metal Webzine, metalhead italian webzine, Heaven is not too far portuguese webzine and many more) and becoming Maniac Demo of the month on Italian Metal Maniac magazine.

This good press & audience reaction let us play with some acclaimed Italian metal bands like White Skull, Ancient Bards and Tystnaden, playing several gigs along the country to spread our music.

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- Founded Fall, 2003
- Initially intended as a one-man project ("Stephan Gauger")
- November 2003, "Diana Mathesie" (Keys) became the latest member
- February 2004 came "Marco Volborth" (bass) (acquaintance from school days)
- In this period was rehearsed in Stephen's apartment
- Completion with "Christian Hopf" (Drums)
- October 2004, recording the demo CD Gjallarhorn in the studio "Power Track" in Schmalkalden (Menhir, Odroerir, ...)

First appearances and changes:

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Ancestral Legacy

The year it all begun. Eddie (Vox, guitars, programming) and Kjell-Ivar (Bass, vox) are thinking of starting a Black-metal band, and in the last days of the year the band was named Permafrost.

The first songs are created this winter and spring. "Where There's No Tomorrow" is one of them, and still one of our favourites, and appears on our first two demos.

More songs are being made, but nothing extraordinary happens.

Øyvind Rosseland joins the band as a keyboard player late this year.

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Disincarnate is a technical death metal band, and one of many bands over the years featuring James Murphy. In 1992 they recorded a demo and in 1993 their one and only album was released through Roadrunner Records.The vocals are standard early death metal, but the riffs and song structures are almost progressive at times, a great deal more intricate than many death metal bands of the time. In 1999 Murphy started working on new material for a second album which was to feature among others Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, The Crown, etc.) on vocals but due to a discovered brain tumour he had to postpone these plans for the future. it wasn't quite clear whether this was a band that happened to feature Murphy, or whether it was a Murphy solo project, although recent (spring 2000) reports suggest the latter.

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