Event: Edguy
Written by: Lanfawn
Published: 07.05.2004

A Night at the Opera

"Edguy, Edguy. Oh how great you are. Finally I get to see you live!" these were my thoughts as I stood outside Kåren where the concert was to be held. The feeling got high immeaditely as Sammet himself came out on the stairs above us and took photos! Speaking of photos, I regretfully have none because my camera broke. Life sucks sometimes. :/ In any case! We finally were let in, 1 hour later than planned. Tad Morose was the first band to enter the stage, and while I've actually never heard them; their heavy music set the mood perfectly. Almost directly after that came Nocturnal Rites and I haven't heard them either, but again, good mood-setting music. After screaming to these 2 bands I was pretty much dead and I've never been sweatier, and Edguy themselves didn't even start playing! A long pause now followed, which was quite annoying. But at least the stage crew threw water on us, and I REALLY appreciated that (I was in the front row and had a male friend with me who... well... stood CLOSE...). Finally the darkness came over the stage and Edguy entered! They started with Under the Moon and followed with various of their better fast tracks, then an intermission with the beautiful Land of the Miracle. He also cracked a joke about Snus (which is a swedish kind of tobacco), it was really funny, but hard to understand if you aren't from here! After Land of the Miracle more fast songs followed such as the newest single Lavatory Love Machine (featuring Sammet in a funny cap!) & Vain Glory Opera, which is probably their most famous song. Sammet also gave us an apology for "sounding bad" because he had gotten himself the flu recently, but none of us in the crowd understood what he meant, he sounded better than ever!! After that we got The Piper Never Dies, a longer version of it. About 15 minutes of pure orgasmic music to be sincere! Then Sammet thanked us swedes because their latest EP, King of Fools, placed #6 on the charts here which is damn good for a metal band. So they decided to play it, naturally. This is one of my favorite Edguy songs and I sang along with the whole thing. That was the highlight of the evening for me, along with the times when Sammet made us scream along with him (he divided the crowd into 2 groups which did different parts, kickass!) After this the concert was over, but we screamed so much that Edguy came back and did no less than 3 extra numbers. Some of them were Tears of a Mandrake & Chalice of Agony by Avantasia. Amazing. Sammet also cracked some more jokes about male strippers & heavy metal being a guy thing... he's a damn funny man! Overall I'll have to say this was an excellent evening, Edguy really rocks. The only bad thing was that we had to wait so long between the bands. And there should have been more water! But anyway, an awesome evening! METAL!!


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