Angra, Manticora, Edenbridge

Event: Angra, Manticora, Edenbridge
Written by: Jeff
Published: 01.05.2008


Angra, Manticora & Edenbridge by Jeff (10)

After the big blast with Kreator and Dark Tranquillity the day before, I'm back to the Elysée Montmartre in Paris, for a second crazy Metal Night. Tonight, no Thrash or Death Metal, but Power, Progressive and Heavy Metal, with three famous bands, Edenbridge and its lovely female singer Sabine, Manticora the Progressive killers from Denmark, and finally the headliner of the show, Angra (no need to present them I think…).

Like every time at the Elysee Montmartre the show starts precisely at 19PM (no less, no more), and this time, Edenbrige will be opening. Bands with female singers are always an event, they aren't legions and it's always interesting to see how Metal Heads are nice and reverent with the singers of these bands (you see what I mean hehe ). Edenbridge will play during something like 30 - 40 minutes with a lot of songs from their last album "Shine". The show is pleasant, but that's a bit surprising, the members of the bands are not really at ease on stage and Frank Bindig, the new bassist of the band is certainly the most in front of the band and the most communicative with the crowd. But above all, the sound of Sabine's voice is more than average, and it's really hard to have a good listening. At the end, the show was good but a bit boring sometime. Edenbridge is a good band, but they need some more big shows I think, and all that will come for sure. I would like to see them one more time in the future, to see if they can improve their performances on stage.

After a really little break of 10 mins, Manticora is ready to put a big fire in the venue. I know this band since "Darkness With Tales To Tell", their second excellent album, I also did the review of their last and very good album "8 Deadly Sins" so I can't deny I was awaiting them. This band is really funny in fact, all the musicians seem to be, and look, very serious, well dressed, that's not something you can expect for a Metal band, but that's definitely not the case of the singer Lars F. Larsen who is, like an Iggy Pop, the archetype of the rock star, and damn what a great front man.

During, one hour, Manticora and Lars will do a great show, with some of their old songs, but with a majority of songs from "8 Deadly Sins" (after all they are here to do the promotion of their last album). This band is really communicative with the audience, Lars talks a lot and he will even sing one song on the big speaker of the venue and at the end, he will finish the show with a big slam in the pit. A very cool guy, we just have to congratulate this kind of artists…. The sound wasn't perfect too, but at the difference of Edenbridge, it was easier to hear the vocals of the singer, and this hour was a great one. I must say that I will try to see this band one more time when they will be back here in France, if you can do that too, you wouldn't regret it…

The entr'acte before Angra is a bit longer and I have some free time to drink some beers hehe, but at 21PM, light in the Elysee Montmartre disappears. This is time for the Metal hurricane from Brazil, go Angra !!!
Luckily, I'm between the stage and the pit, (less than 30 CM of the artists, big thx to Mr Roger ) and the very long intro of the show begins. That's incredible to see how the public is awaiting the Brazilian guys during the 5 mins of "Gate XIII" and "Deus Le Volt", everybody is like hypnotized by the music and the big black curtain hiding the stage. And then blammm !!!! The curtain opens and a powerful sound comes to our hears, for a magisterial "Spread Your Fire". Angra is here on stage, all the guys are incredibly active, especially Rafael Bittencourt who runs on all the stage of the Elysee Montmartre.

The Mapex drum-kit of Aquiles "octopus" Priester is one of the bigger that I ever seen, and believe me that's not just to "show off", this guy is incredibly impressive. Without any break, the band comes to "Waiting Silence", one of the other good songs of their last album "Temple of Shadows". Once again tonight, that's really hard to hear correctly the singer, and that's really weird because I was at less than one meter of Edu and his voice was very good…. That's strange but maybe that he was not sure of his abilities, and really that's sad because this guy is a great singer…

After a little break, and some very cool words in French, the lucky Metal Heads that we are will have the luck to listen to "Acid Rain", "Nothing To Say" and "Carolina IV" (yeah yeah with the Samba percussions played by the band members). First, for all the ones who believe that Edu is not able to sing the "old" classics of Angra, sorry guys but you're wrong, he is not Andre Matos of course, but it was really nice, and honestly do you know someone who can resist to the killers melodies of "Nothing To Say" and "Carolina IV"… not me in any case.

The show is great, and we even have the luck to see a duet with Sabine on "No Pain For The Dead". Angra is a an excellent band on stage and they know that a lot of diversity always pay. Acoustic breaks, percussions, and above all NO break between the songs. This gig is a real success really and the 18 songs, old or new, that the band played during 2 hours are magic and that's not the end of our surprises….

After a magisterial "encore" with no less than "The Shadow Hunter", "Angels Cry" "Carry On" (do you really need any explanations of the fury in the audience during this song?) and "Nova Era", everybody was thinking that the show was to end here, but we were all wrong…

Edu, gave his microphone to Kiko who said in a hesitant French "Ok maintenant nous allons jouer quelques morceaux pour rendre homage à l'un des meilleurs guitaristes de Heavy Metal ("Oki guys, now we will play some songs for one of the best Heavy Metal guitarist"…). And then the guys started to play the riff of "Cowboys From Hell", after some few minutes, we got "Walk" and etc… Angra chose to play a medley of Pantera for Dimebag… Classy guys…

This time, the end was near, everybody was absolutely enchanted by this excellent show, but with Angra, there is always something in addition and they offered to us a last little bonus, but damn what a great one, "Raining Blood" !!! Just imagine, Angra which plays the Hit of the American combo, Slayer… It was absolutely magic and if the Pantera medley was just an instrumental one, for "Raining Blood" Felipe Andreoli (the bassist) was the singer ("Raining Blood" is a bit too much brutal for our Edu, who was however doing some great head bangs in front of the Drums), a great final…

2h30 of Live with Angra in addition to the other two bands Edenbridge and Manticora, for four hours of great Heavy Metal music … It was a magical night in Paris and I only want to see one more time these three bands [especially Angra which showed one more time that they are one of the best band]. You're more than welcome in France guys !!!

Angra Set List:

Inro. Gate XIII/Deus Le Volt
01. Spread Your Fire
02. Waiting Silence
03. Acid Rain
04. Nothing To Say
05. Carolina IV
06. No Pain For The Dead
07. Angels And Demons
08. Never Understand
09. Wishing Well
10. Millennium Sun
11. Aquiles Drums Solo
12. Temple Of Hate
13. Heroes Of Sand
14. Rebirth
15. The Shadow Hunter
16. Angels Cry
17. Carry On
18. Nova Era
19. Pantera Medley
20. Raining Blood

I would like to thank, the Replica Records team, Bad Production and above all Mr Roger Wessier (thx for the press pass )

[Pictures by Jeff, all right reserved. Please ask the permission to use it]



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19.03.2007 - 20:53
Very good review...would love to have been there since all three bands are among my favorites

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