Negura Bunget destroys Madrid

Event: Negură Bunget: European Tour
Written by: falgarth
Published: 01.06.2009

Yesterday, we came to see one of the best extreme metal shows in Madrid in this year. Negura Bunget don't need any presentation before the black metal followers. It's all said...

The first band that played was In Element, a very unknown band from Argentina, that presents their second LP in Spanish lands. Their sounds can be identified as a mixture of My Dying Bride, Opeth, Emperor or In Flames, without the great quality of these bands. Their first song is a very doomish theme, slow and depressive... and just when everyone was falling asleep, a subite blast-beat started in drums and a wild riff in guitars... but that is all. The band was very limited, thier songs were too equal. The band have to grow musically, if they have a chance to do it.

Kathaarsys is another thing. They are a confirmed reality. Before two LPs, this Galician band is one of the best underground black metal bands that there are in Spain. Their music is characterized by many influences also, but also shows their own personality at the same time. Kathaarsys put on a very wild show, violent, bringing the atmospheric sound of their albums to the show. Personally, I hadn't heard any song of this band, so they were a engima for me... but I was impressed by their music. I recommend all European black metal followers to try this band, that you can search in her MySpace website:

At eleven at least, I can to see them: Negura Bunget, possibily one of the best Pagan metal bands in the world. The Romanian band started her show with the monumental song "II" from her third album "N' Crugu Bradului." With this song, all the people in room started to headbang... But this was only the start. Negura Bunget performed ten songs, many of them from her last LP "Om," the more wild and black metal album of the band. I personally enjoyed so much with "Tesarul de Lumini" and "Al Locului" songs, from "Om" and "Maiastru Sftenic" respectivelly. Two very long themes, very hard and atmospheric at the same time. Also was very curious the use of folk instruments of her country: a very long horn (at least two metres!!), a xilophone, a great drum and a very rare instrument: a wood table hit by two small wood hammers... The group played one song only with folk instruments (and a background of keys and drums) and it was the most atmospheric and pagan of songs. Really excellent.

I think that it's all said... Only I want to say that if you have the chance to go to see a Negura Bunget show when they will be in your country, you'll see one of the best shows of your life.


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