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Lordaeron - Nottingham, England, 7th March 2010

Event: Vader: Blitzkrieg 5 Europe Tour
Written by: Baz Anderson
Published: 08.03.2010


Lordaeron - Nottingham, England, 7th March 2010 by Baz Anderson (13)

As the Polish metalheads of Nottingham descended upon this rather cosy venue, the Polish death metal band known as Vader had already made their escape. This was supposed to be a Vader headline show, but apparently due to "drum equipment issues" the band, or rather apparently the tour manager decided to pull the plug on the show at the last minute. Professional.

Tickets were refunded and the two local supporting bands still gave us a pint-sized show for our efforts. Nottingham-based Threnody (now Bloodguard) were first on with their version of metalcore. The band had their moments, but these young guys gave a set that you'd expect any aspiring metal band influenced by all the latest metalcore bands to give. The band's frontman seemed warm and welcoming, also announcing that the band are no longer able to use their current name, apparently due to the demands of some rapper. The band played well, and played with some degree of enjoyment of their own music - which is more than can be said for some other bands.

Lordaeron were the band to deliver the entertainment of the evening worth sticking around for. These guys have been finding their feet for the past years, but are now on the cusp of releasing their debut album. This is death metal at the extreme end, Lordaeron is a drumming junkie's idea of heaven. What can be said? The drummer might well be an android at the speed of the bass drums; blastbeats of course always welcome too. Band members clearly familiar with their instruments, this is technical material played with ambition. The band might not deliver a great deal in terms of diversity, but if it's blasts you want from your death metal then Lordaeron are the band to deliver.

It doesn't matter that growler Phil's microphone cut out for most of a song, or that the sound system seemed a little shaky around the drums - this was real metal entertainment given to us by the kind of band that will still scream the lyrics at an audience without a microphone, and the kind of band that will play the show they were billed to do. It might not have been Vader, but Lordaeron provided a worthy night out for the ones who still made the effort. It is the kind of people present at shows like this that make you turn around and appreciate the bands and the audience so much more. Lordaeron have only grown over the last years, and with the release of their debut round the corner - things are only going to get better.

Check out Lordaeron here:

Written by Barry Anderson.
Photos by Barry Anderson.


Written on 08.03.2010 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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09.03.2010 - 09:34
Down Under Staff
At least you got some entertainment for making the effort to make the trip there!
"Scream for me Melbourne!!!!"
- Bruce Dickinson

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- Yuri Gagarin (while in orbit, 1961)
11.03.2010 - 13:20
Melodeath Master
Lordaeron? xD Damn these guys must be serious Warcraft hardcore fans :p

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