Edguy - Nottingham, England, 19th March 2010

Event: Edguy: UK Tour
Written by: Baz Anderson
Published: 22.03.2010


Edguy - Nottingham, England, 19th March 2010 by Baz Anderson (39)

This compact room is probably the smallest the headliners play these days. With the room constantly filling, this was going to be an interesting experience.

With One Last Breath was the name of the first band, and never has a band stuck out like a sore thumb more. These young guys brought to Nottingham their version of some emo-sounding metalcore. The audience did not approve and subjected the band to a few unpleasant shouts in between songs. This wasn't the right show for this band.

White Wizzard on the other hand were. These New Wave Of British Heavy Metal worshipping Americans brought their set to an appreciative audience. The band take a lot of influence from Iron Maiden, the guitar and bass especially similar. The bass guitar is one of the best parts of White Wizzard live; it doesn't constantly sit below the guitars but shouts out to be heard. The band put on an extremely competent set, but White Wizzard are the perfect example of a band playing a style of music rather than playing music with their own twist.

Edguy were clearly the stars of the evening with a whopping hour and forty minute set. The band sprang onto the stage and delivered a thoroughly entertaining set that reached as far back as the band's 1997 offering. For being known as a power metal band, in recent years the band have moved away from the galloping double bass drum party the genre is known for. This was somewhat evident in the set, although we still were treated to the speedy "Babylon". Of other older material we had the self-admitted Europe rip-off "Vain Glory Opera" and the great "Tears Of A Mandrake" quite early in the set, but the highlight of the night was the long opus of "The Piper Never Dies".

It is clear why Edguy have been so successful over the years. The guys are entertainers as well as great musicians. Tobi especially is such a charismatic frontman and has the distinct ability to kick into the air higher than his own head. In between songs he kept us entertained and didn't let the size of the venue put him off giving all he had into his singing.

It might have been a small venue, but the packed room was brimming with life. Never has such an amount of people made such a loud noise for a band. Edguy might have been providing the entertainment, but the audience here were absolutely amazing too. Lots of participation from the audience and the burning enthusiasm these people had for the band is surely the most any band could have hoped to have received in their dreams. Tobi recognised this, and told the audience that he knew they had been downgraded to this small venue and honestly weren't expecting much, but we blew him and the band away.

The room was boiling hot; everyone sweating, but none more than the guys on stage. The audience's passion kept the band going, if not the five-minute breather in the middle of the set while Felix put on a rather workman-like drum solo. The apparent lack of oxygen didn't seem to take its toll on the band, rather they all constantly had smiles on their faces to be entertaining this audience. These guys are very likable, they were always communicating with the audience and making lots of eye contact with the onlookers.

The newer songs in the set went down as well as the oldies. "Speedhoven" from the new album especially sounded great live. Crowd singalong "Save Me" provided an enjoyable break from the constant metal assault, but it was "King Of Fools" and "Lavatory Love Machine" that went down best. This was a night to just remind you how enjoyable Edguy are, and make you realise just how many of theit lyrics you actually do know. There wasn't a dull face in the venue at the end of this electric show, both band and audience had an amazing time. Edguy will be back in Nottingham, we have that promise.

Click here for an interview with Tobi conducted the day before the start of this UK tour.

Thanks to Lucy and Adam for the accreditation.
Written by Barry Anderson.
Photos by Barry Anderson.


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22.03.2010 - 08:50
Heaven Knight
Vain Glory Opera...they missed this song last year in Prague
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

22.03.2010 - 13:55
Great to read this review, if only to remind me of how glad I was that I went to this gig!

Shame Edguy don't play more tracks from the likes of Theater of Salvation and Mandrake, but at least they play Babylon (my favourite Edguy song) and they play most of the best tracks from the later albums, such as Sacrifice and Speedhoven.

Overall I think it's a varied and solid setlist.

White Wizzard were great too, definitely wouldn't mind catching them live again.
22.03.2010 - 15:28
It was a great show, Good review! The less mentioned that first band the better but I enjoyed White Wizzard quite a bit, and Tobi was quite the charismatic joker on stage throughout the Edguy set, i enjoyed the anecdotes he provided adding a much appreciated lighthearted element of humour to the show hahaha all in all definately a show to remember!
Lavatory Love machine seems to stick in my mind most from that night.
"We are the sons of a new millenium!!"
22.03.2010 - 18:50
The Shape 1973
I agree totally with the review. The opening act, whose idea was that? If they had been supporting Trivium then fair enough, but they were so out of place. It made me laugh when the singer said it was their last night on the tour and the guy next to me shouted "good" loud enough for the band to hear. They weren't bad, just really a bad choice for this audience. Also, man boobs and metal don't mix, stop jiggling them.

White Wizzard got a much better reaction, I think they brought a lot of fans with them who have followed the tour. I was impressed. The vocalist looks like the son of Ronnie James Dio as well. Ha Ha.

Edguy blew me away, they said the last time I saw them that they would be back with a full set and they kept their promise. They were great from the first song to the last. Certainly Piper Never Dies was the high point, one of my favourites. Shame no Mysteria though. It was so hot, but Tobi why did you not take that big jacket off? You're losing your hair as well mate, sorry.

Good to see some Metalstormers there to.
Just because you believe in your strong morals it doesn't mean they are correct
22.03.2010 - 22:12
They had the same set list in Glasgow and I didnt really enjoy it. I dont have a problem with their latest album, I just prefer the older stuff MUCH more. One track from my favourite album wasn't good enough for me
"I'm rising in power through murdering rain
Stronger than Faith allows
Braver than heroes vows
...My head is bloody
but I am unbowed
I am power..."
23.03.2010 - 01:40
Wow. The piper never dies and speedhoven o.o
That's just AWESOME. =D
23.03.2010 - 23:10
This review just makes me jelous.
'I'd rather die than go to heaven' - Murderface
24.03.2010 - 05:42
Nice job
Live how you want just don't feed on me, if you doubt what I say I will make you believe...
28.03.2010 - 23:02
voodoo turkey
It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, it was such an amazing experience to finally see Edguy live after almost 10 years of listening to them!
09.04.2010 - 12:02
Walter Iego
Thanks for the coverage...

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