Prostitute Disfigurement - Nottingham, England, 17th September 2010

Event: Prostitute Disfigurement
Written by: Baz Anderson
Published: 19.09.2010


Prostitute Disfigurement - Nottingham, England, 17th September 2010 by Baz Anderson (20)

Death metal. It's one of those things that help us through our rocky and/or uneventful lives. Best served live, Nottingham was about to endure an evening of said delights.

Nottingham-based Burial quite literally blasted things off with an out-of-the-blue non-stop assault of blastbeats. The three-piece got down to some serious business with their straight-forward brand of death metal that could have perhaps done with a little variation, but on the whole showcased some extremely competent musicians and a fantastic way of kicking things off.

Merciless Terror drew the largest audience of the night until the headline band with their death/thrash combo proving to be a hit. These guys put on an intense show that even included the vocalist himself trying to start some form of mosh pit. Another great show, but this time somewhat less memorable than the openers.

Burial / Merciless Terror

Nottingham mammoths Lordaeron spent their time pummelling the drum kit into submission with their wall of sheer death metal noise. This drummer, using whatever aids or not regardless, seems to be able to use his feet as fast as the best in the world. The bass drum speed is simply insane and sounded great over the system, but it would be nice to hear a few more blastbeats here and there for variation. None of the newer material seems as powerful as "Of Fear And Flame", but either way, Lordaeron absolutely destroyed once more.

Drag The Lake gave a puzzling performance combining elements of some of the most extreme kinds of metal with deathcore. The audience a little subdued also resigned back during this set that, didn't really impress a great deal.

Lordaeron / Drag The Lake

Onto the headline act, Prostitute Disfigurement were the band everyone was waiting for. This was the first date of the Dutch madmen's short stint in the UK, and they gave us everything you could have expected. Frontman Niels' murderous state into the audience might have uneased a few, but the band are clearly still a well-oiled machine blasting out various gruesome and controversial numbers to the pleasure of the baying audience. Interaction was minimal, and the band left us with seemingly no notice after playing for roughly an hour. Still, it is hard not to have enjoyed smash hits such as "The Sadist King..." and the closing "Freaking On The Mutilated" as the band tore straight through their set and Nottingham alike.

Prostitute Disfigurement


Body To Ravage
She's Not Coming Home
Postmortal Devirginized
Torn In Bloated Form
Left In Grisly Fashion
Insides To Expose
The Sadist King And The Generallissimo Of Pain
Gay Bar Massacre
In Sanity Concealed
Killing For Company
Carnal Rapture
Freaking On The Mutilated

Prostitute Disfigurement

Thanks to The Flaming Arts UK for the accreditation.
Written by Barry Anderson.
Photos by Barry Anderson.


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19.09.2010 - 23:23
Baz Anderson
Prostitute Disfigurement will be back in Nottingham in December!

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