Klone - Toulouse, 15/10/2010

Event: Black Days Tour part 1
Written by: Darkside Momo
Published: 21.11.2010


Klone - Toulouse, 15/10/2010 by Darkside Momo (14)

The Dynamo is a quite new venue here in Toulouse (about 4 months old at the time of the show), and it's a nice one. It can welcome about 300 persons, has a decent sound, is close to the town centre and, a most important detail, boasts a nice selection of beers!
And so we were about to listen to something quite progressive, with Klone touring for their latest opus, and local openers Ethersens.

First show in ages (well, more than one year anyways) for this prog/atmospheric/shoegaze band from Toulouse; they're busy recording their second album but found the time to come and play this evening.
They play some prog / atmo / shoegaze (maybe) stuff; mellow, and on the whole not bad, but songs drift and meander aimlessly, way too much for their own good. And for ours, as the set was ¾, almost an hour long, way too much actually. The musicianship was good, but I guess it's better to listen to it relaxed at home.

This tour follows the release of the band's latest album, the mellower Black Days.
And theirs was a good set. As befitted the music, it was quite static; the moody and relatively dark feeling did get across too. But well, it is almost always mid-tempo, right? So half of the audience didn't like it, and left the venue pretty quickly. For shame, really, even if I could have used more tempo changes too (but they don't have that much of those, do they).
That said, the technical mastery of these guys is outstanding. At first listen their music might sound not that technical, but see them play and you'll understand there's some quite crazy stuff going on.
So well, I pretty much enjoyed it, and thankfully I wasn't the only one.

All in all, this was a nice little evening!

Many thanks to Raph, of l'Assaut Musical (and Skål, FMR, and Nolentia too!)


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22.11.2010 - 23:59
Nice, I really enjoyed Klone's latest album so it's nice to at least see some fun photos of them playing it To bad it sounds like a bit of a boring evening, but with good music playing at least.

The club looks pretty intimate, that's a big plus.
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